Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Ricky Starts and Subs

``One thing we have realized is it's important to try to keep Ricky or Paul on the floor at all times,'' said Rivers.

In a move that seems more reminiscent of playing NBA Live in simulation mode, last night Doc took Ricky out in the middle of the first (so he can replenish his endurance levels) so that he can substitute for Paul early in the second. I used to do the same thing with Eric Williams in NBA Live ’01 to give the second unit (Battie, Griffin, Cheaney, Barros) a little scoring.

I don’t recall this ever working in any other venue other than video games, but I like it. Ricky clearly seems more comfortable as the focus on offense, and he had his first solid game of the pre-season last night. While I would rather see him as the sixth man, this is the next best thing. He starts, gets into the flow of the game while we irrationally go to Morkunt the first five possessions, sits for a few, and comes out firing with the subs.

I have two questions, though: 1) How long will Doc’s “realization” last until he has a contradictory one, and 2) If Ricky is on fire to start the game, do you sit Paul so that he can be on the floor with the second unit?

I have a feeling two months from now I’m going to remember that Doc had a somewhat creative rotation toward the end of preseason that he never used again.

In other news, I don’t want to get a case of brandonhunteritis, but I’m really warming to Greene. I swear he has more poise than half the team, he doesn’t force it, he makes good decisions, plays good D, and most of all he passes first and shoots second (or never). I give Doc credit, to the extent that it continues, for benching the off-season acquisition for the guy playing better. A concept that MUST repeat with Scal/Perk.

Congratulations to Reed for giving Gomes a chance to show that he is the superior player, nice job with the shirt fuckhead, welcome to the land of 10-day contracts. A guy like Reed usually gets one chance, he’s had several. Doc was playing him out of position to get him time, with terrible results, and still he would have been the first 3 off the bench. Fuck off.

Did Perk fuck Doc’s wife? I understand that he doesn’t want AJ and Perk on the floor at the same time, but this is the time to do it. The guy has done everything asked of him this preseason, but he sits for entire halves. I know he gets into foul trouble, like AJ, but that will not improve while he’s sitting on his ass.

Today’s Down: Dickau; you’ve just been passed on the depth chart by a nobody.

Today’s Up: Greene; impressing a little more every game.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Preseason Game 5 - turns out we are worse than Crap-tors

An ugly, jagged game that at times seemed reminiscent more of the summer leagues than the halfway point of the exhibition season. The second unit once again disintigrated and couldn't buy a basket against an inferior batch of Craptors. In a battle of draft-slippers, Joey Graham looked nasty, Gerald Geen looked dopey. At least UConn alumni got to see something they had never seen before - a guy with the name "Villeneuva" on his jersey who actually looked like he was playing hard.

Nonetheless, Celtics fans gave a shit about one thing and one thing only - the return of Al Jefferson.

Big Al was, in a word, rusty. He missed a couple easy shots and looked a bit low on energy. After the game he bitched about having to tape his ankles. Whatever. He's back and he'll get better, but I get the impression that only an injury is going to let him crack the starting lineup before December.

We now go to the official CelticsDoom "up and down meter" to tell the rest of the story:

UP - Dan Dickau. The point situation is still a matter of "which one is the least bad?" but ole' Dickface turned in a decent performance, knocking down jumpers like he used to do when he played for other teams that paid him less. His improvement at the point could well be because he was actually playing shooting guard for most of the game. Orien Greene was solid, but I have to think that Dickau is in the lead for the backup spot if for no other reason than to keep Danny from looking like a complete fool.

DOWN - Justin Reed. This guy is too wired or too eager or something. He's forces everything on offense and seems destined for permanent 11th man status. He didn't get into the game until the 3rd quarter, so goodbye chance-at-starting-job. You watch him play and you just want to shake him and say, "don't be so weird." Could redeem himself, however - we feel all hope is not lost.

UP - Paul Pierce. Those passes to Raef, my God, it was as if he read CelticsDoom all summer and decided to make us look like bigger losers than we already are. Maybe the key is to play him 29 minutes and tell him the game doesn't count. Seems to keep the Captain on an even keel.

DOWN - Mark Blount. Turns out it DOES rhyme with "cunt." Given his supposed love of fine wine and cigars, I now feel obliged to call him "the cuntinental."

Tomorrow night - the Celtics invade our home turf with a "home" game against the Nets at the local casino. This is likely to be attended by dozens and dozens of comped drunks and busted out slot jockeys. Look for our banners EVERYWHERE.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Pre-Season Game 4 - Bulls destroy hapless Celtic reserves

Some quick thoughts after being destroyed again by the Bulls…

Point Guard - Delonte went a long way last night towards initiating a trade for a real point guard. I like the Herp, but his continued inability to handle any sort of pressure defense is inexcusable. It’s too bad, he does a lot of good things, but being a starting NBA point guard is not one of them. As for Dickau, it’s getting embarrassing.

Reed/Gomes – we only need one of these guys. My vote is for Gomes, simply because he can rebound and Reed handles his duties on offense with all the finesse of a fat guy having a heart attack while playing handball at the local gym. He’s been taking notes on offense, apparently, from his buddy Evil-Pierce. Good-Pierce needs to teach him to stick to defense.

Center – Blount had his first legitimately good game, but he still provides what you want from a back-up, not a starter. He got rebounds last night, but the numbers don’t tell the story. If I want to put out a tough group of guys that have a nose from the ball, he doesn’t make it, not even on this sorry squad. Right now Gomes, Kendrick and Pierce are the only guys making my all-rebounding team. Believe me, Blount will do far more harm than good before it’s all said and done.

Scrubaurine – behind Walter, the second worst player in the NBA. Greg Dickerson openly mocked him during a half-time interview, which is certainly an example of the old “I may be a failure but not as big a failure as you” game. Humiliating.

In short, we’ve got a lot of shit on this team and very little that makes me think we couldn’t cut half the team and barely notice the difference. As of today, these are the CelticsDoom heroes and villains:

Good list
Ricky, Kendrick, Pierce, Gomes

Shit list
Scalabrine, Dickau, Blount

Everyone else has crabs.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


How about a three-some?

After three pre-season games I thought it'd be interesting to discuss some of the good and bad things we've all seen so far...

Three Reasons for Optimism

1) Paul Pierce - Celticsdoom's #3 whipping boy (after Marcus and Waltah) has looked, sounded and played like a different dude. He's not pressing, his shot is falling, and he's routinely looked like the best Celtic on the floor, something that was often not the case last season. He can't and won't do it alone, but it's nice to see him resembling the pre-Ainge era Pierce we loved instead of the sulky, turnover prone jerk he's evolved into since.

2) Kendrick Perkins - our #1 big man, and the most fun Celtic to watch. He's playing as well as he did during his breakout week last season (before he turned into a technical foul machine and got lost behind Toine), providing rebounding, toughness and shot blocking. In other words, everything Mark Blount is not. Unfortunately I foresee him and Al competing for minutes, rather than being on the floor together, but that's to be seen and right now I'm just happy this dude is kicking ass.

3) Al Jefferson and Tony Allen - we've looked pretty much like total shit, but our number one inside presence and our best 2 guard reserve haven't played a minute yet. Gomes and Reed are solid, but they don't have that explosiveness that TA can (and sometimes does) provide. Al Jefferson will send Blount to the bench and hopefully toughen up the starting front court which right now is best defined by the phrase, "they sit when they pee."

Three Reasons To Worry

1) Point Guard Play - It's been brutal, unwatchable, and humiliating. Dickau has been eaten alive (the Heinrich humiliation was particularly unsettling), D-Herpes has been great except for the fact that he can't penetrate or get the ball past half-court under pressure, and neither Bynum nor Greene have proven to be anything beyond iffy. If this were a truly fair process Marcus Banks would be starting (assuming his injury is minor), which is a terrifying prospect to anyone who cares about team offense.

2) Running Game? - no talk of it this year. I guess now we're not a embracing the style of play that was supposedly the goal of "the vision." Remember? Sacramento Kings Jr? Old-time Celtics basketball, etc, etc. What the fuck are we then exactly? Is being a mediocre half-court team who can't play defense the compromise between Ainge's vision and Wyc's (un)willingness to pay for it?

3) Blount's "renaissance" - Blount has been scoring in bunches and earning tons of praise from Mike and Tommy, but all I see is a soft-headed career back-up who can't rebound or defend stronger post players, and is going to be taking minutes away from Perk and Big Al. Unlike Perk, who makes things happen, Blount makes everyone around him seem tired. If they weren't under contract, he and Scalaburine should be cut.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Why is he still here?

In case you missed it, Celtsblog had another brush with greatness yesterday with a shout out from one of the best basketball writers out there today. In another example of his never ending pursuit of self-promotion, Jeff wrote to Chad Ford of ESPN, basically asking for two things, (1) daddy’s love, and (2) a new angle on the Celts.

I have empathy for Jeff and his lack of original ideas during a slow off-season and the start of semi-meaningless games. Fortunately for CelticsDoom, we have Jeff. Responding to the everyday irrationality of the typical Celtsblog author (other than Kahn, who is terrific) and poster gives us much fodder for contrary opinion. I actually enjoy the friendly banter I have with most KoolAid drinkers, and for the record; I do congratulate Jeff on his obvious success. I know my sarcasm and style rub him and others the wrong way, but I never intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. My mockery is meant in good fun. If you are reading this, Jeff, and I know you are, this is the closest I get to sincerity. With that out of the way, back to being a dick.

Here’s some free advice, Jeff; find someone more idiotic then you (if such person exists), and make fun of them all day. Columns just flow.

On to the exchange with Mr. Ford, which was accurately parodied by the perceptive Willie. His new angle on the Celtics is, get this, trading Pierce! Holy shit, I can’t believe no one has thought of that before. Since Jeff’s response gave us absolutely nothing he hasn’t said before, including fellating the owner, I thought I would take a stab at the question.

Why hasn’t Danny traded Pierce? It seems counter intuitive to his vision, his ego (Pierce isn’t a DA pick or signee, the only remaining holdout from the Wallace era), and his Mormon desire for a more professional team. He’s a mouthy impediment to Danny’s complete dictatorial control of the team. So why hasn’t it happened?

I reject the notion that Danny is requiring an All-Star in return. Rarely do disenchanted Paul-Stars get traded for non-disenchanted All-Stars, a point Pierce butt-fuckers make constantly. Pierce’s trade value is indeed low, but anyone who expects that a few months of Mr. Smiley will make GM’s forget about his fucking attitude the last several years is naïve at best, a douchbag at worst.

In terms of being the ‘star’ attraction, if the team doesn’t win, people do not show. This is so fucking simple to understand. Most right-thing Celtic fans have low expectations with Pierce. When last year’s team failed with him, ownership had to bring in a fat, three-point shooting PF to fill a few more seats in an increasingly empty arena. Trading Pierce would barely cause a ripple in Boston. In terms of the youth movement, Pierce has been banged more times down low under the age of 28 than Jenna Jamison. Sooner or later, Pierce’s ‘get to the line’ strategy will have an effect on his body.

So what’s the reason? I just think the right deal hasn’t panned out.

The most rumored deal with the Clippers makes a lot of sense, one that I would embrace. However, how does obtaining Magette help the 2/3 logjam? Ricky is being groomed to take over the team (God help us), Allen is still an athletic prospect, DA/Doc love the Reed/Gomes intangibles, and most basketball observers consider Green the real deal. They all come at a low or reasonable price, and Danny loves roster flexibility. Taking on a younger Pierce may not fit the plan (provided there is one).

I believe a proven big man/point guard combo will get the job done, especially if we can rid ourselves from the Blount debacle. A capable low post presence will improve a thin front line, allow Danny favorite West to move to his more natural position, and start the DA era in earnest. Keep an eye on Nene, a monster who for whatever reason can’t board. He will be given the opportunity to impress, as Denver wants to showcase him. If he plays well, look for renewed interest in one of the many Denver trade incarnations.

Pierce is being shopped, it won’t take an All-Star to move him, just the right deal.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Celtics vs. Cavs - Pre-Season game 1

First game of the preseason = who gives a fuck. However, here’s some initial reactions…

Pierce – if we have this same Paul Pierce playing for us in the 4th quarter during tight games in February, then not trading him will have been a genius move. He more relaxed and fluid than he has in years. Most importantly, his shot was falling. My guess, he reverts to evil-Pierce by the 5th game of the preseason.

Perkins – Kendrick kicked fucking ass. I’m already getting pissed off at the fact that that fuckhead Mark Blount and pointless Veal Scalaurine will be soaking up minutes that should be going to our man KP. Him and Al on the floor together should be interesting.

Reed – career 8th man, no doubt, but he likes playing defense and that makes him unique to this squad. Terrible looking shot. Not the pocket-Artest some would have us believe, but he might be something like a more athletic Adrian Griffen.

Ricky – Solid, nothing to worry about. The performance of the 2nd unit, however, guarantees his eventual return to the bench.

Banks – buried by Doc but came out and looked like the only player on the 2nd unit who had a clue. I don’t think he made a single pass (he had 2 assists so he must have), but at very least he’s not obeying Doc’s wish to stink up the floor and justify his trade/burial.

Delonte – Decent, forced a couple things but overall looked solid. I can’t imagine D-Herpes would be starting on any decent team, but he’s alright for now. (And I promise, right now, to never use the word “scrappy” when describing him)

Dickau – ehh.

Gomes – our Waterbury homeboy looked decent, but this talk of him competing for a starting spot seems gross hyperbole based on last night.

Raef – You know, whatever.

Gerald Green – has a nice smile.

Orien Greene – The look of a guy who in 5 years will be referred to as “the well traveled Orien Greene.”

Blount – Fuck this asshole. He’s not as bad as last year, so that makes him the Mark Blount of 2001 – the one who was traded for Shammond Williams and got 12 minutes a game as a back up. That’s what he is. A fucking back up, albeit one who absorbs over 10% of the entire team payroll. One who still can’t rebound. Tommy promises he’ll be putting the ball on the floor more which is great news considering the fact that he has the worst hands in the NBA. Fuck him.

Borchardt – I’d rather this stiff was on the floor instead of Mark Blount.

Scalabrine – 5 years Danny? Jesus Christ.

Although the first unit started off the game looking like the 86-87 Lakers, reality quickly set in and we saw an offensively challenged 2nd unit disintegrate in front of what looked like 28 disgruntled LeBron James fans in the fine city of Pittsburgh. Poor Ricky is going to have to go back to the bench, and Big Al better get healthy soon. Overall they looked better than I was prepared for, but not good enough to make me think they’ll make the playoffs. Who knows, we’ll all have a better idea by the end of the month.

And lastly, Mike and Tommy still seemed a little distant following their on-air meltdown at the end of the Indiana series. Trust, guys, it's all about trust...

Friday, October 07, 2005


Player Preview - Al Jefferson

(This is the last one of these prediction things. We'll have some kind of season preview on Tuesday)

We all know the deal with Big Al. He has been publicly tagged as “franchise savior” and the entire hopes of the Ainge rebuilding plan are resting firmly on his shoulders. Ainge has made a number of good draft choices and interesting acquisitions, but none have the potential to turn the franchise around like our own #7 (or is it #8?). This year should go a long way to exposing his limitations and defining his ceiling. I think it’ll be a high ceiling, but this season could be full of growing pains.

Sugar Free Kool-Aid

Undeterred by missing training camp, Big Al trounces all comers for the starting spot during the preseason and never looks back. Doc tries to split his minutes with Scalabrine, but it becomes clear by the end of November that you don’t sit a potential 20/12 guy in favor of a honkey-stiff’s many “intangibles.” Although occasionally plagued by foul trouble, he notches his first 30 point game in December and finishes the calendar year averaging 19/8. Doc never makes mention of the fact that he can’t play defense, and when we do here on CelticsDoom we are rightfully scorned by the entire Celtics internet community.

Though he tails off slightly towards the end of the season, he is listed in prominent glossy publications among “the 10 best players you don’t know” and is the subject of feature during a TNT broadcast that has the phrase “Movin’ on Up” splashed on the screen with the theme from the Jeffersons playing behind a highlight reel. Jeff from CelticsBlog and PO meet accidentally in a supermarket and, after a brief uncomfortable accusatory exchange, go on to become fast friends.

Stats 30 mpg, 17 pts, 8.3 rbs.

Worst Case – aka Blount 04-05

With a head swollen beyond all recognition by the off-season barrage of praise and unrealistic expectation, Al enters the season with an attitude of entitlement and is quickly exposed as a talented yet wildly over praised prospect who suffers from limited passing skills and a reluctance to bang for rebounds. Doc says that the starting job is “his to lose,” which he does in mid-December by never playing defense, never passing, and often turning the ball over. Raef and Blount are our starting frontcourt for the rest of the season, and Scalabrine talks openly of his “little buddy” Big Al needing to “re-adjust his brain type with Dr. Niednagel.”

Relegated to about 17 minutes a game, Al comes off the bench for the rest of the season and under-whelms at every turn. We see that he can rebound, but that he’s not really hungry for the ball when it doesn’t involve him trying to score. We see that he can score in the post, but can’t adjust when his defender figures him out. We are treated to ceaseless Doc Rivers post-game jabberwocky wherein we are told that Al is “a ‘power 5’ in a ‘point 3’’s body.” The best anyone can say is “at least he’s nicer than Zac Randolph.” Tom Heinsohn repeatedly states that “this kid is going to help the Celtics a LOT in the long run.” CelticsDoom compares him unfavorably to Mike Sweetney and we are wrongly scorned by the entire Celtics internet community.

Stats 18 mpg, 9 pts, 4 rebounds.

CelticsDoom Prediction

Injured in the pre-season, Big Al struggles with Doc’s inept effort to work him into the lineup and balance minutes among the 6 (hundred?) mostly mediocre big men we have on the squad. “He has to earn his minutes,” Doc fumes to the post-game media scrum when queried as to why he keeps him sitting during crucial points in the game. We see quickly that Al excels when plays are run for him, but struggles on offense when he doesn’t get his touches. He thinks he can score on every possession and too often tries to do just that. He demonstrates a nice touch for blocking shots, but also shows signs of not knowing how to play defense without fouling.

Mid-way through the season he finally hits his stride and turns into a dependable 13/6 guy as a starter. We start to understand that he will not be a frighteningly dominant super-power forward a la Amare Stoudemire, but that he’s definitely destined to be a cut above the Boozers, Goodens and even K-Marts of the world. CelticsDoom will harbor the lingering suspicion that he is a better-hyped Mike Sweetney but we will keep it to ourselves. PO will tell me at some point, “dude, he’s like 20 years old, relax.” Smart people will say he’s three years away from being a 20/10 guy and they will be right.

Stats. 27 mpg, 12 pts, 6.3 rebounds, 48% shooting.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Player Preview - Buckets

Let’s face it, when you’re on your third or fourth NBA team in only six years to start your career, you are either a solid journeyman with no talent (Kevin Ollie, Adrian Griffin), a first round-pick with skills and no brain (Darnell Harvey, DerMarr Johnson), or an above average athlete with baggage (Ruben Patterson, Lamar Odom). Having worn out his welcome in more than one NBA city, Ricky Davis parties with Ruben and Lamar on this list.

GM’s can’t help themselves from acquiring these talented distractions with the vague hope that a ‘change of scenery’ will change their attitude. I loved the initial trade that brought our cornrowed friend to the C’s mostly because it signaled that Danny was through with the 3 and D bullshit, and he was bringing in guys to run. I subsequently latched on to Davis as my hatred of Pierce increased. He was the smiling, sometimes goofy but always energetic flash compared to the sulking, prodding Pierce. He is the Ernie to Pierce’s Bert.

Funny thing happened along the way. Ricky the athlete turned into Ricky the basketball player. Will the maturation continue?

Sugar Free Kool Aid Prediction

This one is hard for me to write, since I believe the Ricky of the last two months of last year is the best possible role for both him as a player and this year’s team. By February, Ricky was locked into his role as a sixth man while earning the trust of his teammates who started looking for him, rather than Pierce, at big moments. Ricky’s curl off the pick at the elbow became the only discernable half-court offensive play. Over the last two months, Ricky averaged over 18 a game, 2.5 assists and 3.5 boards in just under 35 minutes. Should we expect more? I don’t think so. Perhaps a little more focus on defense would be nice, not just when he anticipates a potential highlight breakaway dunk from a steal. I love Ricky just the way he is; I’m afraid that any increased role may backfire.
Stats: 35 min, 18, 3, 3, 45% from the field, 40% from three

Blount (2004-2005) Prediction

This is also hard for me to write, as the move I want the most (trade Pierce) may be the worst possible development for Ricky. Pierce is traded after a couple of months of losing, whining and bitterness. A wayward team looks to its most talented remaining player, Ricky, for guidance and offense. An ill-equipped Ricky shows little leadership on the court, and the only guidance he offers the young guys is which narcotic goes well with fish (ecstasy). Ricky gets the opponent’s best D-man while the rest of the C’s stand and watch him try to dribble through a maze of defenders. He quickly loses interest, mails in the rest of the season, gets ‘best player on a bad team’ type stats, and gets caught trying to submit Reed’s pee during a drug test.
Stats: 38 min, 19.5, 2, 2, 39% from the field, 33% from three

Doom Prediction

Ricky embraces his increased popularity with little humility, but without maliciousness. He basks in the glow of acceptance for truly the first time in his career. There will be some Ricky moments, some inappropriate hot-dogging and trash talking, but his productivity and positive attitude will enhance his growing popularity. Ricky starts on the bench, but plays more minutes than anyone on the team. There is tension between Ricky and the Pierce as the young guys (sans Reed) support the guy who has been with them all summer, culminating in a Pierce meltdown in some practice we will hear rumors about but never hear the true story. The team finally commits to a motion offense, with Ricky getting the ball exactly where he wants it coming off a pick. I’m sugar free Kool Aid on this one, Ricky is going to have a great year.
Stats: 35 min, 18, 3, 3, 45% from the field, 40% from three

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Player Previews - Delonte West

Ahh, D-West. Redz. Herpes Face.

No other player on the Celtics is subject to such wildly divergent degrees of expectation than our Bugs Bunny loving freak show from St. Joseph’s. The Kool-Aid community’s opinion on Delonte is split between those who want desperately to believe he’s Mike Bibby without the unpleasant haircut, to those who think he’s an overrated Ainge suck-up with brittle bones who unfairly takes minutes away from Marcus Banks. Obviously the Celtics brass want to promote him as a fan-favorite (read – not scary) standard bearer of Wyc-era Celtics Pride (read – .500 ball with no-max contracts).

Having played in a grand total of 39 NBA games, it seems a bit of a stretch to include him among our four most important Celtics of 05-06, but this year is crucial for defining the roles of the future Celtics squads, and D-West has “career Celtic” written all over him (maybe even literally – check out those crappy tats)

Sugar Free Kool-Aid Prediction

Beating out Dan Dickau for the starting job with an exceptional training camp, we sit back and watch Delonte blossom into a steady-handed point guard with a devastatingly accurate outside shot. His innate sense of team overcomes his inexperience at the point, and while never becoming a Kidd-like playmaker, he nonetheless gets the starters to play together like a team.

We are told of epic HORSE competitions between him and Gerald Green after practice, and are given a touching mid-season 1200 word epic from Shira Springer about how Doc Rivers believes Delonte’s “heart” is what has saved the Celtics season from a complete implosion. Celticsblog runs a fine piece in April about how Charles Barkley compared him to Mike Bibby and Doc Rivers in a pre-game segment that, while humorous, nonetheless should be taken as a serious national-media endorsement. Later on in the season Marcus Banks is stricken with a rare kidney disorder, and only through Delonte’s timely donation of 6 pints of blood is his life saved. Later, that same night, he leads the Celtics to clinch the 5th spot in the playoffs with a sterling 22/3/11 gem, after which Paul Pierce declares, “I fully buy into Doc Rivers’ system!” Celticsblog becomes a pay-site.

Stats 30 mpg, 13 pts, 7.4 assists, 3.5 rebounds.

Worst Case Scenario (a.k.a "Blount 04-05" Prediction)

Training camp exposes the fact that Delonte’s uncertainty at the point and lack of creativity as a passer makes him a lousy fit with the Pierce dominated first unit, and his confidence suffers a blow when he’s named backup. The second unit falters under his command because there is no Jefferson, Pierce or Ricky who can create their own offense and cover up the fact that he’s kind of slow and really an undersized shooting guard.

Rivers further confuses the issue by making strange public proclamations about how “Delonte needs to learn how to run an ‘onfense’ (sic)” and later refers to him as a “power 1.” He loses game after game of HORSE to Curtis Borchardt and Leo Papile. CelticsDoom runs a predictably snarky piece entitled “Ryan Gomes is the new Delonte West.” In March he breaks both of his hands while sullenly jerking off and spends the rest of the season sitting next to the ghost of Will Bynum’s career on the bench.

Stats 13 mpg, 4 pts, 1.3 assists, 1.7 rebounds.

CelticsDoom Prediction

Not the second coming of Bibby, but undeniably the best all-around option at the point, Delonte’s roll is muddled by Doc “I have no fucking clue what I’m doing” Rivers, and he suffers through a decent but unremarkable sophomore campaign. He loses the starting job to Dickau in training camp because Doc can’t take the chance of shaky point guard play further exposing his weakness as an x’s and o’s coach. Undeterred, Delonte still gets 20 minutes a game by simple virtue of the fact that he’s a better a defender and the other players like him more.

He proves to be a solid threat from the outside, but his lack of penetration ability exposes his limitations as a true point guard. Tommy will say a million times “Mike, he’s a great rebounder for a guard” and we’ll all agree but still find it annoying to hear it all the time. I will at some point say to PO, “he’s like Erik Strickland without the crossed-eyes” and he will politely agree. CelticsDoom disappears again during the playoffs, but that’s because the Celtics aren’t in them.

Stats 20 mpg, 8.3 pts, 3.7 assists, 2.3 rebounds.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Player Previews - Pierce

As the cast of characters known as the 2005-2006 Boston Celtics take the floor for the start of training camp, expectations set by most right-thinking fans regarding the prospects of immediate success are low.

Over the next few days, Dr. Chestnut and I will momentarily shed our doom tendencies to realistically set best case scenarios for each Celtic likely to be on the roster or in the D-League. Don’t expect these to be inane celtsblog expectations, rather, credible projections should everything go right for that player. We will call these scenarios Sugar Free Kool-Aid.

With that, we will chart worst case scenarios for each player, simply to be called Blount (2004-2005) scenario. Lastly, Dr. Chestnut and I will make Doom predictions. Four key players, Pierce, AJ, West & Davis, will be profiled in this manner the next four days, with the remainder of the roster next week.

Paul Pierce

Sugar Free Kool-Aid:
Pierce is embarrassed (not for the right reasons). He saw his trade value plummet, his local and national reputation soiled, and his face supplanted on various Celtic merchandise as the owner/press flirt with a goofy fan favorite. While not “buying” into the system so to speak, Pierce plays good soldier by not only saying all the right things, but also doing all the right things on the court. He realizes that his words no longer hold meaning with a skeptical fan base.

Pierce fully commits his game to running and motion offense. He plays less, shoots less and passes more. After three years of declining accuracy with his jumper, Pierce finds his shot again after realizing that ball movement creates open looks – which is easier than driving through three guys to get to the foul line. While not offering anything remotely resembling leadership, he supports those who do. He accepts his role as Ricky increasingly becomes the go-to-guy in the fourth quarter.
Stats: 32 mpg, 18.5, 7, 5, 45% from field, 40% from three

Blount (2004-2005)
Pierce chafes under the year-old “new” system. He walks up the court, dominates the ball in the half-court offense, forces drives to the basket because his jumper is gone and openly fights with teammates, opponents and the coaching staff resulting in some high profile incidents. He is spiteful to those teammates who replace him as the face of the franchise. He loses his cool during an important game, gets kicked out, undresses and waves his shirt defiantly at a hostile crowd and has a circus press conference defending his idiotic actions (oops). He demands a trade after a month of sulking and whining. He accepts a lesser role on a better team and excels.
Stats: On C’s, 36 mpg, 19.5, 8, 4, 39% from field, 28% from three
On Denver, 30 mpg, 15.5 ppg, 4,4, 46% from field, 42% from three

Doom Prediction
Paul Pierce will not change his attitude, one based on a sense of entitlement, that of a Paul-Star veteran. Paul Pierce is very likely to change the perception of his attitude. Having skated by with platitudes about team, number 17, and the enthusiasm for the young guys for two years, Pierce takes it a step further by altering his on-court behavior and body language for the better. When the cameras aren’t on, he is as big a prick as ever.

While not fully embracing the style of play Danny and Doc have prescribed, he puts up very good numbers much like the second half of last season. The ball still goes through him on every possession, and he still blows it at the end of games by forcing a bad shot or drive. He will enhance his reputation and seek a trade in the middle of the season.
Stats: On C’s, 35mpg, 21, 6, 4, 44% from field, 35% from three

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