Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The Times, They Are A Changing

I am beyond excited about the future.

This young core is exhilarating and explosive, but needs veteran guidance. That veteran is NOT Paul Pierce, for all the reasons mentioned thousands of times the last few months. But it is an argument lost on most of the Pierce-butt-fuckers. Right now, it is beyond on-the-court issues, although I can and have fashioned arguments how Pierce’s game stagnates the offense and retarded the development of the young 5.

We now have 7 very young players ready to contribute now (AJ,DW,DA,MB,KP,GG,RG), with 2 additional young players the brain-trust seem to like a lot (JR,OG). We need the type of good-chemistry veteran presence that looks out for our investments on AND OFF the court. It is not good enough just to add these types of players. Whatever veteran presence you bring in to help the development of the youngsters will still be undermined by the captain’s antics.

I do not care if a Pierce-less team misses the playoffs next year, it is far more important to build this impressive young core without the entitlement attitude and poor sportsmanship that PLAGUED our team last year.

The philosophy and style of play for the C’s has dramatically changed over the last two years.

It is time to change the face (especially when it’s covered in an ace bandage).

Monday, June 27, 2005


CelticsDoom (Slight Return)

We were glad to see Hagrid at CelticsBlog post a Gabe Kahn piece today trumpeting the impending trade of Paul Pierce and labeling him a “killjoy” on par with Nomar. Of course, these are the same things that PO and I said all during the season on Doom and which Hagrid had a big problem with. Additionally, the few brave souls who were still allowed to post on Celticsblog and dared suggest that perhaps Pierce was a pouter and a disruption were roughly dismissed by that big Celtics sycophant as part of his misguided attempt to kiss the ring of the Celtics brass.

Now that the world has been proven to be round and Paul Pierce is on the trading block, I just have two questions to Celticsblog and Hagrid in particular:

1) Whose side are you on? Are you an Ainge guy or just a status-quo dope who likes arguing with smarter people? If you want to suck the correct cock, I advise you get on Ainge’s zipper because Pierce is gone and Ainge is the guy who’s been trying to trade him all along. Of course when we stated these facts (including the Nomar analogy which PierceOverrated coined back in fucking January before he was kicked off Celticsblog), we were treated like assholes. Gee, we supported the guy who’s running the show, what bad fans we are.
2) When do you explain your inevitable 180 on Pierce? Are you just going to pull a Tommy Heinsohn and ignore the fact that you were completely wrong for the past year and that other, smarter people had a better clue as to what was going on? You owe an apology to all of the posters who pointed these facts out and who OUT OF LOVE FOR THE CELTICS AS A TEAM advocated for trading the one guy who wasn’t in on the program.

Anyway, Jeff at Celticsblog and I have always been friendly with each other, but during the period when I was on the IR (see below) and no longer posting on Doom he kicked me off C-Blog - probably for my comments here suggesting that they were kissing ass because of some tacit partnership with the Celtics mothership. The fact that Jeff was given press credentials for a game a couple weeks later only makes me more certain I was correct.

The thing is, I don’t blame Jeff for kicking me off if this is what was going on, and I understand that my comments were probably a bit snotty to lay down on someone who’s been nothing but friendly and polite to me in all of our dealings. But the thing is, I don’t even care if Celticsblog is an unofficial arm of the Celtics – I love the Celtics, I love Ainge, I want them to get better and win the championship and if partnering with a popular blog to spin the fan base a little helps on the road to #17, who am I to object? What I don’t appreciate are people like Hagrid who mindlessly dismiss the (often well thought out) opinions of others in order to maintain control over their cheesy online fiefdom. That’s just lame, and someone needs to call him out on it.

Now the more important question - Where the fuck have you been CelticsDoom?

First of all, sorry to everyone for us bailing out there towards the end of the season. I broke my knee and shoulder and was taking so many goddamn pain medicines that I just lost all motivation to write. I watched the playoffs in a daze and was sad to see so many of the things that me, PO, RickyDFan, WayoftheRay and others had predicted come true. Writing about this team became too depressing for words, and PO didn’t want to take it on all by himself. That said, we’re hoping to post a little over the summer (irregularly) and try to get it going again next season (hopefully without Paul Pierce).

We remain your home for the dissenting opinion…

Your pals,Dr. Chestnutt and PierceOverrated

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