Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The Times, They Are A Changing

I am beyond excited about the future.

This young core is exhilarating and explosive, but needs veteran guidance. That veteran is NOT Paul Pierce, for all the reasons mentioned thousands of times the last few months. But it is an argument lost on most of the Pierce-butt-fuckers. Right now, it is beyond on-the-court issues, although I can and have fashioned arguments how Pierce’s game stagnates the offense and retarded the development of the young 5.

We now have 7 very young players ready to contribute now (AJ,DW,DA,MB,KP,GG,RG), with 2 additional young players the brain-trust seem to like a lot (JR,OG). We need the type of good-chemistry veteran presence that looks out for our investments on AND OFF the court. It is not good enough just to add these types of players. Whatever veteran presence you bring in to help the development of the youngsters will still be undermined by the captain’s antics.

I do not care if a Pierce-less team misses the playoffs next year, it is far more important to build this impressive young core without the entitlement attitude and poor sportsmanship that PLAGUED our team last year.

The philosophy and style of play for the C’s has dramatically changed over the last two years.

It is time to change the face (especially when it’s covered in an ace bandage).

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