Friday, October 14, 2005


Why is he still here?

In case you missed it, Celtsblog had another brush with greatness yesterday with a shout out from one of the best basketball writers out there today. In another example of his never ending pursuit of self-promotion, Jeff wrote to Chad Ford of ESPN, basically asking for two things, (1) daddy’s love, and (2) a new angle on the Celts.

I have empathy for Jeff and his lack of original ideas during a slow off-season and the start of semi-meaningless games. Fortunately for CelticsDoom, we have Jeff. Responding to the everyday irrationality of the typical Celtsblog author (other than Kahn, who is terrific) and poster gives us much fodder for contrary opinion. I actually enjoy the friendly banter I have with most KoolAid drinkers, and for the record; I do congratulate Jeff on his obvious success. I know my sarcasm and style rub him and others the wrong way, but I never intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. My mockery is meant in good fun. If you are reading this, Jeff, and I know you are, this is the closest I get to sincerity. With that out of the way, back to being a dick.

Here’s some free advice, Jeff; find someone more idiotic then you (if such person exists), and make fun of them all day. Columns just flow.

On to the exchange with Mr. Ford, which was accurately parodied by the perceptive Willie. His new angle on the Celtics is, get this, trading Pierce! Holy shit, I can’t believe no one has thought of that before. Since Jeff’s response gave us absolutely nothing he hasn’t said before, including fellating the owner, I thought I would take a stab at the question.

Why hasn’t Danny traded Pierce? It seems counter intuitive to his vision, his ego (Pierce isn’t a DA pick or signee, the only remaining holdout from the Wallace era), and his Mormon desire for a more professional team. He’s a mouthy impediment to Danny’s complete dictatorial control of the team. So why hasn’t it happened?

I reject the notion that Danny is requiring an All-Star in return. Rarely do disenchanted Paul-Stars get traded for non-disenchanted All-Stars, a point Pierce butt-fuckers make constantly. Pierce’s trade value is indeed low, but anyone who expects that a few months of Mr. Smiley will make GM’s forget about his fucking attitude the last several years is naïve at best, a douchbag at worst.

In terms of being the ‘star’ attraction, if the team doesn’t win, people do not show. This is so fucking simple to understand. Most right-thing Celtic fans have low expectations with Pierce. When last year’s team failed with him, ownership had to bring in a fat, three-point shooting PF to fill a few more seats in an increasingly empty arena. Trading Pierce would barely cause a ripple in Boston. In terms of the youth movement, Pierce has been banged more times down low under the age of 28 than Jenna Jamison. Sooner or later, Pierce’s ‘get to the line’ strategy will have an effect on his body.

So what’s the reason? I just think the right deal hasn’t panned out.

The most rumored deal with the Clippers makes a lot of sense, one that I would embrace. However, how does obtaining Magette help the 2/3 logjam? Ricky is being groomed to take over the team (God help us), Allen is still an athletic prospect, DA/Doc love the Reed/Gomes intangibles, and most basketball observers consider Green the real deal. They all come at a low or reasonable price, and Danny loves roster flexibility. Taking on a younger Pierce may not fit the plan (provided there is one).

I believe a proven big man/point guard combo will get the job done, especially if we can rid ourselves from the Blount debacle. A capable low post presence will improve a thin front line, allow Danny favorite West to move to his more natural position, and start the DA era in earnest. Keep an eye on Nene, a monster who for whatever reason can’t board. He will be given the opportunity to impress, as Denver wants to showcase him. If he plays well, look for renewed interest in one of the many Denver trade incarnations.

Pierce is being shopped, it won’t take an All-Star to move him, just the right deal.

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