Thursday, October 20, 2005


Pre-Season Game 4 - Bulls destroy hapless Celtic reserves

Some quick thoughts after being destroyed again by the Bulls…

Point Guard - Delonte went a long way last night towards initiating a trade for a real point guard. I like the Herp, but his continued inability to handle any sort of pressure defense is inexcusable. It’s too bad, he does a lot of good things, but being a starting NBA point guard is not one of them. As for Dickau, it’s getting embarrassing.

Reed/Gomes – we only need one of these guys. My vote is for Gomes, simply because he can rebound and Reed handles his duties on offense with all the finesse of a fat guy having a heart attack while playing handball at the local gym. He’s been taking notes on offense, apparently, from his buddy Evil-Pierce. Good-Pierce needs to teach him to stick to defense.

Center – Blount had his first legitimately good game, but he still provides what you want from a back-up, not a starter. He got rebounds last night, but the numbers don’t tell the story. If I want to put out a tough group of guys that have a nose from the ball, he doesn’t make it, not even on this sorry squad. Right now Gomes, Kendrick and Pierce are the only guys making my all-rebounding team. Believe me, Blount will do far more harm than good before it’s all said and done.

Scrubaurine – behind Walter, the second worst player in the NBA. Greg Dickerson openly mocked him during a half-time interview, which is certainly an example of the old “I may be a failure but not as big a failure as you” game. Humiliating.

In short, we’ve got a lot of shit on this team and very little that makes me think we couldn’t cut half the team and barely notice the difference. As of today, these are the CelticsDoom heroes and villains:

Good list
Ricky, Kendrick, Pierce, Gomes

Shit list
Scalabrine, Dickau, Blount

Everyone else has crabs.

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