Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Celtics vs. Cavs - Pre-Season game 1

First game of the preseason = who gives a fuck. However, here’s some initial reactions…

Pierce – if we have this same Paul Pierce playing for us in the 4th quarter during tight games in February, then not trading him will have been a genius move. He more relaxed and fluid than he has in years. Most importantly, his shot was falling. My guess, he reverts to evil-Pierce by the 5th game of the preseason.

Perkins – Kendrick kicked fucking ass. I’m already getting pissed off at the fact that that fuckhead Mark Blount and pointless Veal Scalaurine will be soaking up minutes that should be going to our man KP. Him and Al on the floor together should be interesting.

Reed – career 8th man, no doubt, but he likes playing defense and that makes him unique to this squad. Terrible looking shot. Not the pocket-Artest some would have us believe, but he might be something like a more athletic Adrian Griffen.

Ricky – Solid, nothing to worry about. The performance of the 2nd unit, however, guarantees his eventual return to the bench.

Banks – buried by Doc but came out and looked like the only player on the 2nd unit who had a clue. I don’t think he made a single pass (he had 2 assists so he must have), but at very least he’s not obeying Doc’s wish to stink up the floor and justify his trade/burial.

Delonte – Decent, forced a couple things but overall looked solid. I can’t imagine D-Herpes would be starting on any decent team, but he’s alright for now. (And I promise, right now, to never use the word “scrappy” when describing him)

Dickau – ehh.

Gomes – our Waterbury homeboy looked decent, but this talk of him competing for a starting spot seems gross hyperbole based on last night.

Raef – You know, whatever.

Gerald Green – has a nice smile.

Orien Greene – The look of a guy who in 5 years will be referred to as “the well traveled Orien Greene.”

Blount – Fuck this asshole. He’s not as bad as last year, so that makes him the Mark Blount of 2001 – the one who was traded for Shammond Williams and got 12 minutes a game as a back up. That’s what he is. A fucking back up, albeit one who absorbs over 10% of the entire team payroll. One who still can’t rebound. Tommy promises he’ll be putting the ball on the floor more which is great news considering the fact that he has the worst hands in the NBA. Fuck him.

Borchardt – I’d rather this stiff was on the floor instead of Mark Blount.

Scalabrine – 5 years Danny? Jesus Christ.

Although the first unit started off the game looking like the 86-87 Lakers, reality quickly set in and we saw an offensively challenged 2nd unit disintegrate in front of what looked like 28 disgruntled LeBron James fans in the fine city of Pittsburgh. Poor Ricky is going to have to go back to the bench, and Big Al better get healthy soon. Overall they looked better than I was prepared for, but not good enough to make me think they’ll make the playoffs. Who knows, we’ll all have a better idea by the end of the month.

And lastly, Mike and Tommy still seemed a little distant following their on-air meltdown at the end of the Indiana series. Trust, guys, it's all about trust...

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