Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Ricky Starts and Subs

``One thing we have realized is it's important to try to keep Ricky or Paul on the floor at all times,'' said Rivers.

In a move that seems more reminiscent of playing NBA Live in simulation mode, last night Doc took Ricky out in the middle of the first (so he can replenish his endurance levels) so that he can substitute for Paul early in the second. I used to do the same thing with Eric Williams in NBA Live ’01 to give the second unit (Battie, Griffin, Cheaney, Barros) a little scoring.

I don’t recall this ever working in any other venue other than video games, but I like it. Ricky clearly seems more comfortable as the focus on offense, and he had his first solid game of the pre-season last night. While I would rather see him as the sixth man, this is the next best thing. He starts, gets into the flow of the game while we irrationally go to Morkunt the first five possessions, sits for a few, and comes out firing with the subs.

I have two questions, though: 1) How long will Doc’s “realization” last until he has a contradictory one, and 2) If Ricky is on fire to start the game, do you sit Paul so that he can be on the floor with the second unit?

I have a feeling two months from now I’m going to remember that Doc had a somewhat creative rotation toward the end of preseason that he never used again.

In other news, I don’t want to get a case of brandonhunteritis, but I’m really warming to Greene. I swear he has more poise than half the team, he doesn’t force it, he makes good decisions, plays good D, and most of all he passes first and shoots second (or never). I give Doc credit, to the extent that it continues, for benching the off-season acquisition for the guy playing better. A concept that MUST repeat with Scal/Perk.

Congratulations to Reed for giving Gomes a chance to show that he is the superior player, nice job with the shirt fuckhead, welcome to the land of 10-day contracts. A guy like Reed usually gets one chance, he’s had several. Doc was playing him out of position to get him time, with terrible results, and still he would have been the first 3 off the bench. Fuck off.

Did Perk fuck Doc’s wife? I understand that he doesn’t want AJ and Perk on the floor at the same time, but this is the time to do it. The guy has done everything asked of him this preseason, but he sits for entire halves. I know he gets into foul trouble, like AJ, but that will not improve while he’s sitting on his ass.

Today’s Down: Dickau; you’ve just been passed on the depth chart by a nobody.

Today’s Up: Greene; impressing a little more every game.

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