Thursday, March 22, 2007


So wrong it's right

Thank you Coc!

The ethics of this stuff be damned. If we needed to suffer through this ghastly season, at least there should be the hope of reward.

CelticsDoom salutes, in particular, the use of the handy old "cut inside the mouth" as the most emasculating and imaginative faux-injury possible to foist upon the Captain. Someone alert "Behind the Glory" of this crucial new addendum to the stabbing story: "Mighty Pierce felled by errant bicuspid in under-publicized eating mishap." Tony Battie is sure to offer valued incites!

So cheer up Celtics fans. No more need for those "Free William Ragland" signs at the TD Tanknorth Garden. This franchise just grew some balls. Ping Pong Balls!

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