Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Spam is the idle man's big night on the town

Now that we know everything we need about cardiologists and Pinochet...

Anyway, I don't know what that was all about. I assume it's a disgruntled Kool-aid'er, perhaps "Gant,"expressing through performance art his distaste over watching a mid-lottery "team" flail around on the basketball court in a grim impersonation of 11 brain damaged hamsters, a zombie, and a declining Paul Pierce. The again, it could be Wyc putting the Dance Squad to work on their nights off from shaking their tits at disgruntled season ticket holders and/or stripping at the Fuzzy Grape. "Idle hands are the devil's bad character builder," or so we imagine Wyc believes. Case in point, remember that time Tony Allen told a bawdy anecdote replete with hand gestures to Marcus Banks on the bench in full view of the entire FSNE audience? Those 29 people were witness to horrors they'll carry with them all their lives. That was certainly not part of Wyc's plagiarized vision of a Total Entertainment Experience.

But whatever the case is with these morons, it has happened to better blogs than this, and we will persevere. And sorry I wasn't on top of it, I've been busy with trying to not go bankrupt, and also, this lack of internet access thing is a bitch and a half. If it (the spam) continues I guess we'll have to go to blogger comments or something. Anyone with any suggestions, feel free to email.

Also, BIG NEWS! CelticsDoom is returning to the east coast for a few days and will provide exclusive coverage of three upcoming games. Yes, the return of the Hamcock, the Quote of the Night, and fatigue-driven taint humor. Myself or Will Roberts will provide you with the pertinent info as the day approaches!

As for now, the quest for the 10th pick in the draft continues apace. Pau Gasol rumors = slow day at the office for Danny boy. I imagine the reaction from Memphis was one of condescending mirth. But that's our Danny. We predict a drunken midnight text message to Jim Paxson offering Leon Powe and a lottery protected #1 for LeBron James and five 2nd rounders. "This deal gives the Cavs a reliable back up in case Drew Gooden goes down." Message boarders rejoice!

But, we give credit where it's due, supposedly Ainge gave the "we're going to get worse before we get better" jive to an SI hack, indicating that perhaps he is of the mind to tank the season, something we wholeheartedly support. Also, big ups to our pal Jeff at Celticsblog for iterating to the masses the need to keep our pick, or at very least, not trade it without top 10 protection. Kool-aid or no, next year's draft is crucial to this team ever emerging from the mire of mediocrity, something we all want to see.

Yeah. So anyway, please don't let these spam fuckheads deter our good time.

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