Friday, January 20, 2006


My Hero Perk

Doom fav Kendrick Perkins is doing everything he can to wrap up our player of the year in the span of two news cycles. His development on the court has been impressive, but his manly tongue lashing of team bitch/captain gave me a hard-on. As Pierce slept through another lackluster first half, Perk finally stepped up for a team held hostage by their diva captain.

Simply said, Perk bitchslapped Pierce in front of everyone. Something tells me not a man in that locker room, player, coach, towel boy, had PP’s back.

Perk is the perfect man to take on Pierce. Not blessed with the raw talent of a Paul Pierce, and having not gone to college to learn from the likes of Roy Williams ala Pierce, Perk has worked his ass off the last three years. Overweight and overmatched, Perk turned himself into a rebounding/defensive player. Ignored his rookie season, Perk tried to mentor the rookies during his sophomore campaign. When the C’s lacked heart and toughness, Perk clumsily attempted to adopt a thuggish style – resulting in hard fouls and T’s. Belittled in the press as part of a group (the youngsters) by the team captain, and given seemingly random and mindless minutes to work on his craft during games, Perk just kept working. He is a now a fan favorite.

The most impressive part of Perk’s calling-out of Pierce was his play after the incident. He talked shit and backed it up, a quality lacking in the front-running AW/PP Celtics of the past. He made the most important play of the game against arguably the best player in the game.

Some will say that Perk’s 19 rebound effort vs. the 76ers was his NBA coming out party, but I will remember this Minnesota game as the night Kendrick Perkins defined himself as a leader on and off the court, for a team desperately lacking leadership. My only regret is that Pierce didn’t take a swing at him when he threatened to kill him.

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