Thursday, January 12, 2006


Blow This Bitch Up

What would you do, fire Doc or trade Pierce?

I’ve seen variations of this question in all the familiar places, most recently in another mostly unreadable Sports Guy column. It’s as if the options, or the logic behind each option, were mutually exclusive. What the fuck? We can either trade Pierce for some young talent and expiring, or we can keep Pierce and fire the coach. Don’t even try to do both.

Do both, Danny. Talk about having your pussy and eating it too.

When we trade Pierce in a few weeks, inevitably for a perceived young stud packaged with Yogi Stewart and maybe a pick, the message is clear. The Celtics are doing right by finally committing to a rebuilding process. Not this fake shit about adding pieces to a star or two; a real process of building a contender 4 or 5 years down the road. In doing so, you commit the team to the development of young talent. As far as I can tell, there are two ways a young player learns how to get better, through experience or a good teacher. Doc is resistant to playing the youngsters, and he certainly is not a teacher.

Not only do I see both options working together, I could see each failing if the other is not completed. Could a new coach improve this team as currently constituted, sure. But to what end? Any change not involving the blow-up of this team will result in the same perpetual mediocrity. Could Doc coach a young team without the threat of his diva captain undermining him? I suppose, but Doc has already lost the team. I thought this guy was a motivator?

The next time you put a little blog/forum poll asking the faithful whether they would rather fire Doc, trade Pierce, or fire Danny – make sure you put a “A and B” option for me.

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