Wednesday, December 21, 2005


U-taint going to lose to Utah

The Celtics continued their romp through a murderer's row of road-tripping mediocre Western Conference teams, and finally put together their first back to back wins of the season taking down the underwhelming Jazz. Of course, tonight's Jazz team happened to be missing Andrei Kirilenko, but we were short one Mr. Dan Dickau, so it pretty much evened out.

I missed lots of the game tonight due to a brutal phone call schedule and a fool's mission to a local mall, but from what I saw, the Celtics were very good when Perk and/or Jefferson were on the floor, and shaky when they couldn't count on their rebounding. When the Jazz turned up their intensity in the 4th quarter, Blount was a hapless dupe on the boards and things started to get dicey, score-wise. Thankfully Pierce hit all his shots in the last few minutes and everyone went home feeling like this team won't necessarily be subject to a fire sale the minute Ainge convinces himself that Rudy Gay is a franchise player.

Player wise, Delonte had a solid effort, albeit one destined to be hyped to death by his cadre of true believers in Celtics Nation. Pierce had monstrous numbers, but his shooting looked iffy until the 4th quarter.

On a lighter note, Scalaburine came into the game in the 3rd and was booed mercilessly when he bricked a couple three pointers, proving that the difference between one city's "clumsy honky crowd favorite" and another's "vilified spite magnet" is around $16 million. Pity is for the weak and Brian is a very, very rich man, so I refuse to give two fucks that he looked as if he were about to cry.

Player of the Game - Marcus Banks. Pierce's numbers were great but I'm giving it to Marcus simply because he's out there trying as hard as he can to stick it up Doc's ass, and that is the kind of frustration that unites us all. 4 points 2 assists - sure, not very impressive. But the guy probably goes home every night praying for the opportunity to kick his coach in the nuts whilst wearing very heavy boots, and that is the kind of attitude that needs to be rewarded. Yes Marcus, it's official, we hate Doc more than we hate you.

Hamcock - None. I cannot in good conscience award the Hamcock simply by looking at the box score (Raef) on a night when I missed over 50% of the game (Raef). I am not one of those fuckheads who makes blind decisions without having my facts straight (Raef). Raef, by the way, is "fear" spelled backwards. What the fuck is up with that?

Quote of the Night - "I always thought he'd make a great Celtic," Mike Gorman on the topic of Matt Harpring. It's getting to the point that every white player in the league not named Jason Williams is lavished with this "praise" by lazy broadcasters, bloggers and assorted opinion mongers. Please, enough. This is a franchise that lived through Marc Acres, Brad Lohaus and Connor Henry, and currently endures Raef LaFrentz and Brian Scalabrine. The painful truth is that there are a great many white players who hustle and still make godawful Celtics.

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