Friday, December 16, 2005


A Paul I Want On The Celtics

What could, and should, of happened after Pierce asked for a trade this past summer.

2005 Off-Season
Pierce for Van Exel and the 3rd pick, Danny selects PG Chris Paul. With two points guard on board, Danny has no reason to shop for another point guard (no Dickau). We’ll assume that he still signs Scalabrine. He still drafts Gomes and Green, who makes the team, but not Greene, and whoever he drafts doesn’t make the team.

2005 Season
Starters, PG – Paul, SG – Ricky, SF – Gomes, PF – Jefferson, C – LaFrentz
Bench, Van Exel, West, Allen, Reed, Scalabrine, Perk, Green, Banks

Sure, this team scares no one, but our current team doesn’t either, and look at the scrubs Chris Paul is playing with, and they have a fucking better record than us. The Celtics truly commit to the rebuilding process with Pierce gone. Ricky and Jefferson flourish because they have a real point guard to get them the ball when and where they want it. Blount whines even more because another butt-buddy is gone, and Doc banishes him to the bench the entire season giving Perk major minutes. They don’t make the playoffs and end up with a 7-11 range draft pick.

2006 Off-Season
With Van Exel’s contract expiring, the Celtics have $41 million in guaranteed contracts for the ’06-’07 season (that’s even including Vin’s $5 million), leaving approximately $14 million in cap space to play with. Assuming that Danny doesn’t package him in Blount/LaFrentz miracle trade, Banks is resigned at a reasonable $3-4 million per. Danny then overpays for free agent Radmanovic, and drafts frontcourt depth in Shelden Williams.

2006 Season

Starters, PG – Paul, SG – Ricky, SF – Radmanovic, PF – Jefferson, C – LaFrentz
Bench, Banks, West, Allen, Green, Gomes, Reed, Scalabrine, Perk, Williams

One more year to grow, and this core is ready to truly compete in 2007.

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