Friday, December 09, 2005


L 89-101 Same as it ever was

For many of us, the only question going into this game was exactly how often Mike and Tommy would rely on the old "we should have had Tim Duncan in the draft" laments to fill up empty broadcast space during our inevitable spanking at the hands of the vastly superior Spurs. Interestingly enough, they bitched more about how we could have drafted Tony Parker, but the inevitable spanking went on as scheduled

A brief, interesting note - Rick Pitino has affected both of these franchises in some deeply fundamental ways. His systematic fucking up of the Celtics is well documented, but we also blew the opportunity to pick Parker because we picked Joe Forte in a "throw a bone to Red Auerbach" gesture designed to make the old man feel like part of the team after years of getting dicked over and ignored by, yup, Rick Pitino. It was Pitino's last curse, so to speak, and if you believe strongly, as do I, that it was his fucked up karma that killed our draft lottery in 1997, then you could argue that the Spurs have won two titles thanks to largely to him.

Anyway, back to the "game." We were never in this one and although we got it down to three at one point in the third, no one in Vegas was exactly getting nervous. We struggled scoring points, their bench was amazing, and when it got close they just turned it on and blew us out of the water. Yes, the Spurs really are THAT good, and it is painful for Celtics fans to consider the two divergent paths these franchises have gone down since the rock bottom of that 1997 draft.

On the player side of things, Ryan Gomes, who looked like he might have gotten on track against the Hornets, was DNP'd until garbage time. Scalaburine who looked so good sitting on the bench and never getting into the game against the Hornets, got all of the minutes (11) backing up the 3 and looked like an idiot doing so. Blount was the only consistent source of offense in the first half, which I note simply out of fairness. Perk looked good - he avoided stupid fouls and pulled down ten rebounds, so of course Doc sat him for most of the fourth and insultingly threw him back in for the last minute of garbage time. Way to reward good effort Coc!

Player of the Game: Manu Ginobili. Fuck Tony Parker and his sweet Hollywood trim, Manu is the real bastard to deal with on this team. He had four steals, two of which were nasty momentum killers, and had an effortless 14 points in 24 minutes. I know he's overrated to some degree, but I dig this wacky fucker.

Hamcock: Brian Scalaburine. "Congratulations Brian, this is your first official Hamcock since we renamed the award. (pause for applause) I want you to know that bricked three pointers, the inability to rebound, the clumsy drives to the basket followed by uncatchable passes... these are the things that make you a CelticsDoom legend. (pause for applause) Your Tittypoints are more readily noticeable than Eva Longoria's when she found out how much money her French boyfriend makes playing a game for a living. (pause for laughs) But seriously Brian, when you play in a Celtics game, a depressing experience becomes all the more headache inducing. Thanks for all you do."

Quote of the Night: "Brian Scalabrine is coming into the game and Ricky Davis is going out" - Mike Gorman. The season in a nutshell. Nuff said.

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