Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Houston we are the problem

(Sorry for the delay. I wrote most of this last night and was too tired to tell if it made any sense)

Rough loss. This Rockets team isn't very good and they seemed ready to give it away if we had only played hard. The game was nearly impossible to enjoy - slow moving, lots of turnovers, almost no energy from the Celtics. Tonight we saw what happens when Ricky and Pierce have simultaneous off games and it wasn't pretty. We fell behind in the 2nd quarter and couldn't sustain any intensity on either side of the floor until late in the 3rd quarter when we had a run to get it down to eight. But then a missed Scalaburine three and a turnover got us back down by 11, and our complete lack of heart took care of the rest.

Speaking of our lamentable moron with 5 guaranteed years, an ugly moment occurred when Scalabrine nearly split poor Yao Ming's skull open trying to get to the hoop, in what had to be one of the lowest moments of the entire NBA season thus far. Imagine how David Stern will react tonight when he watches tape of the most awkward player in the league almost literally crippling the ambassador of basketball to the world's biggest country? My thought is that it will probably eclipse the reaction of Brittany Spears’s father when she told him she was going to be the mother of Kevin Federline’s third child. Or maybe my own reaction when I saw 3 minutes of "Chaotic" and realized I'd never get that time back.

On the player side of things, it was good at least see Al Jefferson get some minutes and score a bunch of points. Is this a sign of things to come or merely a rare “up” in his up and down season? My guess is the latter. Doc fucked around with playing Blount three more minutes than Perk, even though Perk wasn't in foul trouble and was doing what I thought was an effective job on defense. Of course, I’m sure in his post-game he provided some kind of classic Doc crazy-talk explanation along the lines of: “Perk wasn’t limiting the touches to the power 2's and point-bigs and defending the pick and small against the youngs.” The beat goes on.

Player of the Game – Luther Head. No real reason here outside of his last name, which makes him a must on my “all-CelticsDoom favorite names” NBA team. In a tremendously boring game, I found myself laughing out loud imagining what it would be like to work as a Rocket’s announcer and say such things as, “Head goes to the floor” “Head covers his man” “Give Head the ball…” And so on.

Hamcock – aka Worst Celtic of the Game – Raef LaFrentz. Holy fuck did Raef have a terrible game. 0-6, 2 rebounds (that I think were on the same play), 1-4 from the free throw line. Even Scalaburine’s near braining of Yao Ming seemed like skilled NBA play in comparison. In a night where Tittypoints points were handed out like free condoms in the Senegal, Raef took the Hamcock and ran out of the building.

"Ryan Gomes always seems nonplussed," Mike Gorman. Alright, this is something that annoys me and probably no one else, but Gorman says “nonplussed” a lot, and I think he means it to convey that the player is “unfazed” or “not affected.” Unfortunately, “nonplussed” means confused or bewildered or completely out of it, which would be a more apt description for Doc Rivers sitting on the bench than it is a description of Ryan Gomes on the floor.

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