Thursday, December 01, 2005


Finally, A Celtic Who Can Grab Balls

Thank God for Perk. You got to give Perk a fucking ton a credit. For a year and a half, he’s dealt with a coach who laments the energy, passion and rebounding on his team while denying PT to the guy who’s worked hard to provide just what the team was lacking. It’s like the porn star with a huge cock, and the director is screaming that he can’t find a guy with a big cock, and the guys who are actually fucking have small cocks, zits on their asses, and blowing their load too early, and huge-cock star is standing right there, with his slong hanging out. I expect you guys to expound upon this metaphor.

Fortunately, Perk showed up. I have a feeling that, had Perk not delivered as a starter, he would have gone back to the pine while That Cunt played 30+ minutes a night and the youth movement went back to lacking both youth and movement. Perk shows Coc that, given a chance, the young guys can not only succeed, but excel. We here at Doom pride ourselves for the distinct lack of overreaction from a game or performance, but I think that last night’s game may be a turning point for the future.

I never expect Perk to be anything but a solid, extremely dependable backup center for a good team. It’s what he represents, hope. Hope that we can get past a series of overpaid, undertalented “veterans” who make the team virtually unwatchable. Hope that our brain-dead coach noticed the standing O, despite fouling out, from the announced sell-out crowd (sure). Hope that we can actually develop this blend of intriguing young talent. For fuck sake, you have 17 assistants.

Play the young guys, Doc. I don’t want to hear you lament the lack of energy and smarts from the three when you deactivate Gomes tomorrow night.

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