Sunday, December 04, 2005


At least we're Knot the Knicks

It was a very near thing, but thank God we didn't lose to these assholes. The Knicks are one of the few teams to rival the Celtics in terms of stupidity and lack of heart (not to mention lousy management), and so it was fitting that we found our first victory on the road while wearing home uniforms in Madison Square Garden.

On that topic, here are some interesting parallels between us and the Knicks:
1) Danny Ainge = Isiah Thomas. Former players turned embattled GMs with good drafts and terrible free agent signings.
2) Jamaal Crawford = Mark Blount. Heartless losers signed to long term mid-level-plus deals after a protracted off-season courtship where their agents managed to create false bidding-wars amidst lukewarm interest from the rest of the league.
3) Quentin Richardson = Raef LaFrentz. "Take him or leave him" type overpaid starting role players obtained in trades for players that were presumed to be "heart and soul" types for the franchise (Toine and Kurt Thomas).

Anyway, the Celtics fell behind early, came back, and squandered the lead again in the fourth. The Knicks made a big run in the final minutes and probably would have taken it from us if they weren't a (similarly) weak minded ball club with failure written all over them. Dan Dickau came off the bench to secure the game with some clutch free throws, and the Celtics held on to a victory that was closer than it should have been.

Pierce and Ricky had gigantic nights, Delonte was solid, Perk was plagued with foul trouble but clearly disrupted the Knicks inside game whenever he was on the floor. I would be remiss if I neglected to report that even Scalaburine was effective in the first half. The big news of the game was that Doc broke free of the eternal recurrence we'd been subject to this year of having Blount on the floor in crunch time, and while it is difficult to say it made any difference, at least Big Al got the meaningful minutes (and 31 overall).

So overall it was a solid win, and in light of the upcoming trip to Texas, it was a must win. Doc seems to have reacted well to the omnipresent threat of the CelticsDoom Hamcoc(k), and at least let some of the guys who can win games for us stay on the floor. A Tittypoint must be assessed, however, for keeping Gomes off the floor in favor of Scalaburine/Reed.

Player of the Game - Paul Pierce. It was Ricky who got us back in the game when we fell behind in the first half, but Pierce had another great all around effort that makes one optimistic, at least, if we blow this whole thing apart come January we might get something good for him. 28/9/7, steals.

Worst Celtic of the Game - Orien Greene. It is with reluctance that I give the Hamcock to this poor rookie who's been getting his head fucked with all year by Doc, but he had a second straight game of providing very little recognizable on-court benefit (0-5, 0 assists). I mean, maybe he should start patting everyone on the ass after they miss a free throw like Mark Blount, or running around and wildly gesticulating during stoppages of play like Brian Scalaburine, just to look like he's doing something.

Quote of the Night (Day): "Mark Blount's getting active, and that's what we need, he's got good hands and he can jump" Tommy Heinsohn. The T-man said this by way of describing Mark Blount, which I think in all fairness can be defined as literally the exact opposite of the truth.

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