Monday, November 07, 2005


Paul “The Choke” Pierce

The Celtics cannot finish.

Conclusions based on only three games are often faulty unless part of a trend going back a season or two. While players have come and gone, roles have changed and actual plays have been called, the 2005-06 Celtics have reaffirmed a major problem they had last year. Finishing.

Last year, Doc’s only go-to play was to isolate Pierce at the top of the key resulting in one of three things, (1) a turnover, (2) a missed shot, or (3) a winning hoop. All too often, Pierce would try to dribble through multiple defenders while the remainder of the team watched him. Sometimes he would get fouled, only to miss big free throws.

At least this year we seem to actually be running plays, but the result to date is the same. Get the ball to Pierce and watch him fuck up. Do you realize that Pierce has hit only 1 shot the past three games under 4 minutes to go in the fourth (including the two overtimes). He has more turnovers (3) in that span than shots made. This is the fucking guy some jackoffs call "Mr. Fourth Quarter?" He has missed a mind-numbing FIVE free throws during that span.

Look at these numbers from our "All-Star." Again, this is the last four minutes of the fourth, including overtime.

0-4 shooting
2-2 Free Throws
1 Turnover
0-1 Shooting
3-6 Free Throws
1-4 Shooting
4-6 Free Throws
2 Turnovers

Overall, The Choke is 1-9 shooting, 11%, the only bucket being a layup created by a nice pass from West. He is shooting 64% from the line during crunch time.

Get the ball out of his hands at the end of the game, Doc, you’re hurting his trade value.

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