Friday, November 25, 2005


I Can’t Swallow What’s Coming Out Of Coc

Doc often says the right things before and after the game, but he doesn’t follow up during the game, rendering many of his most constructive quotes unless, and leaving some players (and fans, all twelve of us) wondering if he means what he says.

Right now, he’s not even getting the quotes right. Doc recently lamented the lack of playing time for Perk. What? There’s an easy fix to that - FUCKING PLAY HIM. Here are a few more quotes from Doc the last few days, along with my suggestions on how he should have said them.

What he said:
''I don't know if it's effort or toughness. You can fix effort, but I don't know if you can fix toughness."

What he should of said:
"Right now we are not playing with any intensity or toughness. Maybe I’ve been too soft on these guys, maybe the team is a reflection of me. Fine. The days of being their friend are over. No more days off, no more walking through practice. I don’t care if we’re dead tired on game day, we are going to learn about mental and physical toughness the next few weeks. If I see progress, you play. If I don’t, you won’t."

(On a side, I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but I can’t imagine any good coach, Riley, Brown, Calhoun, saying you can’t teach toughness.)

What he said:
''There's going to be tough stretches in the year for everybody; no one's running away with our division."

What he should of said:
"We shouldn’t take solace in the shared mediocrity of the Atlantic. I would rather lose and improve than win the way we have been playing. When first place in the division is close because other teams are struggling, you coach for the present and not the future. Last year showed us that a poor team could win a Division Title, but do us no good for the future."

What he said:
''The guys who are griping and crying to [reporters], those are the guys with no character."

What he should have said:
''The guys who are griping and crying to [reporters], those are the guys with no character. I WILL NOT PLAY THOSE GUYS. By the way, Celtsblog really fucking sucks, long-live the guys over at Doom."

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