Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Game Won

Very nice way to begin the season. The Celtics essentially played rope-a-dope for the entire regulation and then torched the confused and vastly unlikeable Knicks in overtime. Pierce had a great first half and (outside of some iffy judgements on his drives) seemed willing and able to run the break and pass the ball. Unfortunately he had no confidence (or legs) in his shot in the fourth quarter, blowing an easy 10 footer and clanking some key free throws. Still, he rebounded like a man, didn't scowl too much, and his rebirth continues apace.

Ricky D was devasting in the OT and finished with an efficient 27. More Cunt (that's "Mark Blount" to those who think I don't know players names) made up for having zero rebounds in the first half by sinking some key free throws and hitting a big shot late in the fourth quarter. Delonte West was the reincarnation of Lafayette Lever with a gaudy 14/9/9 line.

Of course, there were some Bad Things. Big Al still has no touch around the rim and got in quick foul trouble. The second unit in general was a trainwreck, and it is readily apparent to all but Doc Rivers that they need Ricky to enter the game around minute 5 and play through until Pierce returns in the 2nd quarter. Come on Doc, start Gomes, what the fuck...

Overall though, they played much better than I expected and did some surprising things like running fast breaks in the fourth quarter, rebounding, and moving the ball. Granted, the Knicks are an embarassment, but it was a great start for the Green.

Player of the Game - Delonte West. We could make the argument for Ricky D, but the Herp played the game of his life at a point when our confidence in him was at its lowest. Great defense and constantly active. Still, he's not a point guard.

Worst Celtic of the Game - Brian Scalabrine, who should eventually challenge Marcus Banks and Waltah for all-time ownership of this award. Need I remind everyone that he's signed for five years?

Quote of the Night - "The movie is called Saw 2!" Greg Dickerson excitedly plugging the newest slasher-flick by Celtics quasi-celebrity super-fan Donnie Wahlberg. The absolute lack of dignity for all involved made me choke with laughter.

And lastly, our exciting new feature called "It has now become abundantly clear" - that the whole "Tommy Points" thing has jumped the shark. That intrusive new graphic is grotesque and unnecessary, and the whole idea of a man naming an award for exceptional hustle after himself grows less and less cute every year. When Heinsohn dies I imagine some wit will suggest his epitath read "Now that's a Tommy Point!" and that will be the next and only time it will be cool to mention it.

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