Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Celtics 99 Memphis 98

Wow. In a tough win that made you question whether or not Doc Rivers even watches the game as he coaches, the C's came through with a terrific final play using Pierce as a decoy to set up Ricky D for a buzzer beating game winner. Top-notch shit, truly, but while it was a gutty win and a fine example of Ricky's ability to hit the big-time shot, the game was also a troubling example of this team's chronic inconsistency.

To wit - a well played first quarter segued into a complete meltdown by the Dickau-led second unit, featuring an 18 point deficit and cruel taunting from the home crowd. There was a repeat of last game's strange scenario where Jefferson barely plays in the first half but is on the floor during crunch time. Gomes got some time, finally, and contributed with a sick behind the head tip off a Dickau shot that got deflected. Delonte was very active and now really looks like he thinks he belongs out there. Blount hit every shot he even thought of taking for the first 3 quarters, but he played 39 minutes and had ONE rebound.

The big lesson of the game seemed to be, "the bench just completely sucks." It's getting more and more obvious that if the 2nd unit is comprised of a bunch of dumb fucks who can't score or defend, then maybe we should have one of those dumb fucks play with the starters where he can't do as much harm, and have Ricky come off the bench. I don't know, it makes sense to me.

Player of the Game - Paul Pierce. On a night when he passed the scoring record held by his most fervent apologist, Tommy Heinsohn, Pierce had his best shooting night in a long, long time. Yes, Ricky hit the game winner, but we never would have been there if Pierce hadn't hit two huge shots (in a row) down the stretch, including a nice fallaway with Battier right in his face. He also had 8 assists, 7 rebounds and 1 turnover. Beautiful.

Worst Celtic of the Game - Brian Scalaburine. The award is about to be named for this useless asshole. Truly, do you really need the reasons? The key turnover in the 4th, the routine turnover in the 2nd, the literal matador defense in the 2nd, the inability to rebound or defend? How can someone play 10 minutes and piss me off this much? Five years, everyone, five years.

Quote of the Night - "Also I'm going to do some community work also" - Robert Parish. In a typical incoherent Dickerson interview, the Chief half-heartedly tried to explain why he's been gifted with a pity-job from old pal Danny. Who among us wasn't thinking after the interview that maybe a better job for the Chief would be "sideline reporter for FSN"?

It has now become abundantly clear - that Pau Gasol has the best look in the NBA. It's a little "Pontius Pilate in a community college production of Godspell" mixed with "Die Hard IV villain" mixed with "convicted French serial-rapist." Not since Cherokee Parks has a white guy so entertainingly embodied all that David Stern fears.

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