Wednesday, November 23, 2005


117-120 Thanks for giving no effort on defense

If suffering a humiliating loss to the only winless team in the league wasn't enough to make you ashamed of being a Celtics fan, when you look at these two crappy squads and wonder, "who would you rather be in three years?" the obvious answer of "Atlanta" makes you truly resent the time you waste watching this team. Atlanta has better rookie players, better second year players, better overachieving 2nd round picks, better cheerleaders, and even better white stiffs. They have a promising future with a squad full of talented, athletic players and a fairly flexible salary situation. We have a predictable downward spiral ahead of us, full of mediocre big men with grotesque contracts and a bunch of guys who would make real good 12th men on winning teams.

Tonight's game featured, among other things, Orien Green going from virtual DNP-CD land to the starting lineup, Pierce creeping back into "fuck it I'll just start jacking up shots" mode, Al "Sometimes I show up/often I don't" Harrington going for 34 points, and the entire Celtics team showing a complete inability to sustain any kind of defense effort. Like literally, until Justin Reed came in, they just stood there and watched the Hawks score. Couple this with some terrible decisions and unbelievably sloppy turnovers down the stretch, and we got what we deserved.

On the player side of things, Doc tried a new rotation where Ricky went to the bench later than he has been, and Pierce played well into the 2nd quarter. It didn't seem to help. Also, Kendrick got some minutes and did his usual good stuff, so of course he barely played in the 4th quarter. At least Doc let him and Jefferson play together, which if he did more often might actually start to yield results. We wouldn't want that, would we Doc?

Player of the Game - Zaza Pachulia. In a game marked by a lack of effort and hustle on the part of the Celtics big men, this crappy Euro took advantage and played like Mark Blount in a contract year. He got 8 offensive rebounds, mostly ripping them out of Raef and Blount's hands, and generally demonstrated how better off we'd be with almost anyone else but them in the middle.

Worst Celtic of the Game - Mark Blount. In 25 minutes our main man Mork managed 6 points, 1 rebound, 5 fouls and 5 turnovers and generally was Pachulia's bitch. I cunt believe it!

Quote of the Night - "That Pachulia sure gets his hands on a lot of balls." Mike Gorman. Is this basketball play-by-play or is Mike reciting something he saw in a bathroom stall in Tibilisi Russia? In my weaker moments I have this fantasy that they all read this blog and say things like that hoping to get in it.

It has now become abundantly clear - that 82 games is a long fucking season to watch this shitty team.

PS - I want to give a quick shout out to our friends over at the Impending Firestorm Hawks blog ( who know the pain of writing all year about a team that pisses you off far more often than not. Rock on fellow shitty team bloggers.

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