Friday, November 18, 2005


100-93 - we taint going to lose to the Craptors

A squeaker of a win playing at home against the worst team in the league isn't exactly a precursor to #17, but we'll take it. The Celtics fought through some majorly bad vibes in the first half and played with the anxious look of men who were afraid to fail. They finally made a stand in the late third/early fourth quarter with an improbable lineup of Ricky, Scalaburine, Orien Greene, Dickau and Perk. If this is Doc's triumph of counter-intuition, he should remember that we were playing the fucking Raptors before he tries it again.

But back to Perk, he finally got some time and played a man's game, bringing life to a moribund Celtics squad that seemed content to sulk and lose for the first 24 minutes of the game. Pierce also had a great night and seemed like the only one of the starters in the first half who was wasn't depressed or hungover.

In general, the whole night was the stuff of bizarro world - Blount had an offensive rebound in a clutch situation, Perk got minutes, Charlie Villanueva hustled, and the Celtics won. What's next? Greg Dickerson projecting a likeable on air persona?

Player of the Game - Paul Pierce. I'd be a fool to deny it, he's playing the best basketball of his career. He kept the team afloat during a miserable first half and wound up with a fully representative 26/11/5 line.

Worst Celtic of the Game - Al Jefferson. He just looks like shit. I don't know if they tinkered with his game or what, but he's looked fucked up all year.

Quote of the Night - "When the ball goes up, you have to find the man closest to you and put your body on him." Tommy's annual homoerotic dissertation on how to rebound effectively. It never fails to elicit big laughter here at Celticsdoom HQ.

It has now become abundantly clear - that Perk needs to play. I do not understand why Doc can't put him and Jefferson on the floor together. The dude had 7 rebounds in like nineteen minutes tonight. The team plays much more aggressively when he's on the floor.

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