Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Above the Rim with Tony “Birdie” Allen

Reading several accounts of the most recent athlete in legal trouble scenario, in this case, our own focus-challenged Tony Allen, reminds me of that very mediocre movie Above the Rim, when rapper/actor/soothsayer Tupac Shakur, playing, get this, a drug-dealing gangster (how could he possibly relate to such a role), tells his boy to go shot the star player. If I remember correctly, his boy does so, and them Tupac gets it at the end (as he did in real life).

Now we have reports indicating that Tony Allen told his boy to “Fuck him up.” Him being some assuredly equally scummy dirt bag who had the temerity to have words with a real NBA player. His boy being some unidentified hanger-on who pulls the trigger and actually fucking shots the guy. Fortunately for everyone, the victim survived the assault. Not that Allen would know as he is seen racing from the bar at 3:30 am, takes a flight back to Boston, and is, according to the Herald article today, advised not to cooperate with the police.

What the fuck!

Now, I’m the very definition of white, middle-class suburban dad (accept, perhaps, the fact that I help run a blog with posters named tittyfuck and geeyourtwatsmellsterrific). I have absolutely no understanding or appreciation of living in inner cities, the culture or the mindset. I would like to think that, put in the same situation, I wouldn’t be hanging with guys with guns and getting into fights at seedy bars in the middle of the night/morning. I don’t know that. Disclaimer over.

Seems as if our budding star is a common street thug. Great. A guy who was known for his leadership at Ok State, his defense and dunks for the C’s, turns out to be a guy who tells his entourage to “fuck up” guys he disagrees with. Where was the brain doctor on this one? What a piece of shit. He made it. He got an education because he plays a game well. He gets paid millions because he plays a game well.

For almost a year I have been weighing the potential of the young Celtics, with Allen being the second most talented, with a very high ceiling should he ever get his head in order. Choosing to focus on untapped potential rather than proven mediocrity, I have repeatedly advocated for blowing the team up to let the youngsters play. Now it turns out that one of the core turns out to be an even bigger dick than the one I want gone.

I am profoundly disappointed in Allen, the media for it’s free pass, and idiot posters throughout the Celtic internet community who have made excuses. I trust I will not be disappointed with DA should things shake out the way it looks right now.

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