Thursday, August 04, 2005


Spiking the Kool-Aid

Here at CelticsDoom, we pride ourselves on providing an alternative destination for those fans constrained by the kool-aid drinkers at other fancy-boy sites. You know, the kind of site where a right-thinking poster could point out something as innocuous as “perhaps Pierce should not have attempted to dribble through three guys at the end of the game,” and he immediately gets labeled a troll/hater/pedophile. These jack-offs live with the odd notion that if you say anything negative about the team, somehow it will negatively affect the team. Huh? Putting aside that 4-year old mentality, I bring this up for a reason…

The kool-aid drinkers are getting negative.

These dip-shits were on top of the world during the mirage that was the Walker renascence. Even when troubling signs persisted throughout the remaining few weeks of the season, and even with a thoroughly embarrassing playoff series, the mindless still grasped to “AW/PP and pieces” strategy of winning number 17.

However, I noticed a not-so-subtle change in attitude with these lemmings, starting with other Atlantic teams improving on the court (Nets) and on the bench (Knicks), and culminating in the departure of the fattest “three guard” in history. Even the Sports (I’m friends with the owners) Guy is predicting doom next year.

I think someone is putting a little whiskey in the kool-aid.

Conveniently forgetting that we were not that good of a team to begin with, I’m starting to hear stuff like “blow it up,” and “if you’re gonna trade Walker, you might as well trade Pierce,” from some of the most unlikely sources. Over the last few days I read as one of these fans came to the slow realization that Pierce may not be happy with recent developments and perhaps we should trade him before the season starts and he negatively affects the team. Where the fuck have I heard that before?

Most of this can be attributed to the bitterness of one of their favorite players leaving, and most will eventually go back to missing the forest through the trees. But it’s funny and ironic while it lasts. Funny because the positive precedent has been set so high, that a mild and uninteresting “rant” by Jeff at Celts-blog gets criticized for being too negative. Ironic because we here at doom are much more positive about recent developments.

We are not going to be that good next year, Pierce or (hopefully) no Pierce. We know that, and can handle that, as long as we continue to build for the future. As long as Danny doesn’t make any AW type trades for short-term financial gain. As long as the core gets the opportunities to contribute.

Next year, when the young guys are inconsistent and the team is floundering, you will not find anyone here pinning for the days of AW and PP (provided he’s gone). I suspect it will be a main topic of discussion on other sites, at which point, will they be doom and we be kool-aid drinkers?

Pass the whiskey.

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