Monday, August 08, 2005


Rumors Redux

A few quick thoughts on recent trade rumors…

1) Boozer and/or Harpring are not coming to the Celtics. The Jazz would need Al Jefferson in return for any deal to make sense, and Danny isn’t of the mind to cut his own throat just yet. Regardless, a Pierce/Boozer duo would be even less successful then the LeBron/Boozer duo, which is to say we would still suck and have no future. Those who think that the Jazz would take Blount in a deal for Boozer are being so dumb it’s almost cute.

2) Pierce to the Griz? It sounds like Jerry West wants to do something with us, but is it a blockbuster or simply Marcus Banks for a protected #1? A blockbuster would probably involve Mike Miller’s grotesque contract, a sign-n-trade with Earl Watson, and lots of “Pau/Paul” confusion for announcers throughout the land. I could see us agreeing to a Pierce for L-Wright and Watson, but I think Danny only trades Pierce if he can include Blount or Raef’s contract in the deal. And that makes everything a little fucky.

3) Marcus Banks? Shockingly, I’d be a little disappointed if we moved the ole dimwit. He’s an entertaining (code for "out of control") back-up point guard who can shut down the opposing motherfucker when properly motivated. Granted, he’s still a loser who will never start in this league, but for the chump change we’re paying him and the endless entertainment provided by Doc coming up with reasons not to play him - there’s no better man for the job.

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