Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Slow Summer notes

A few observations based on rumors we’re all hearing…

Why the fuck is Isiah shopping Mike Sweetney? He’s the one guy on the Knicks who doesn’t have an unspeakable contract and a shameful history of underperforming. At very least he’ll be a fully serviceable back-up PF for years to come. If we didn’t have Big Al, Danny would be all over this.

The Cavs are looking to spend a shitload of money on Z and Michael Redd, probably the most one-dimensional All-Stars in the league. These guys are complementary parts, but Ferry’s going to lock them up long and kill any flexibility just so LeBron can feel less embarrassed for the next (and last) two years he plays in a Cav’s uniform.

Pierce in a trade for Magloire? I’d pull the trigger, but New Orleans has like 5 guys under contract, I don’t think they could do it even if they wanted. NO is a perfect town for Paul Party-er to completely implode in, but I can’t imagine this has a grain of truth. Sadly.

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