Thursday, July 07, 2005



Nothing gets my morning started like hearing that Danny’s first foray into the FA market was to hand $15 million over to a honky stiff with fewer skills then Mark Blount. I’m not loving this pick-up, and I can’t imagine there was that much interest in Brian Scalabrine in the league to warrant a five year deal. This is like when Pitino gifted 4yr/$13.5 to Walter McWorthless when literally no one else in the league was going to sign him. Danny, goddammit, you have me and then you lose me.

Granted, this isn’t a big deal (literally) one way or the other, but I’d rather save the entire MLE instead of locking up another $3 million a year on a PF/C who joins the team already at the bottom of the depth chart. Even if those tantalizing Toine/Blount to Chi-town rumors are true, Scalabrine basically fills the Tom Gugliotta role from last year, and that ain’t worth forking over 5 years for. Good lord, just sign Taylor Coppenrath to a one-year deal and take your chances.

Ahhhhhhhhh, the joy of overpaying in the NBA.

This also makes the Dickau pick-up seem more likely, as it would seem that the man with the funniest name in the league probably falls into the $2-2.5 a year range.

Speaking of shitty point guards, the Herald spent 350 words french-kissing Marcus Banks for showing up at a summer league practice, even though he’s not on the team. WOW! – a basketball player playing basketball in the off-season in his hometown. Why is this considered surprising or noteworthy? Is the league really that full of fuckheads who do as little as possible that a guy showing up at a practice is considered “maturity”?

PS – The highest percentage, 33% , of all Celticsblog voters think that Antoine Walker will end up back in Boston. That’s from like 360 people voting. Looks like the Kool-Aid has turned into a hot cup of shit.

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