Friday, July 01, 2005


If I were Danny..

I would be a rich, classy, dedicated Mormon running a historically storied organization, rather than a middle class, crass, on-and-off Catholic helping to run a hack web-site with a poster named tittyfuck. But alas, if I were Danny, I would make the following moves PRIOR to the 2005-’06 season.

Trade -Hinrich/Davis for Pierce/Banks

Reasons: It would be hard for me to accept a trade of our best player (pause for sarcasm to sink in), but the Celts would get the point guard of the future along with an expiring contract who could actually help the team next year. Of all the trade rumors with Pierce’s name attached, I love this one the most because of roster flexibility. Don’t get me wrong; if this trade is a 10, the Maggette&Wilcox trade is a 9.9. Of course, any scenario involving Pierce going away for anything that doesn’t have a long-term contract is a 9.5 in my not so humble opinion.

Chestnutt will say that Chicago will never do this, but reality can’t stand in the way of my dreams. After all, if I can dream that my wife would be OK with me sleeping with half the office, why can’t I dream that the Bulls with take our pouting ‘star.’

Sign & Trade -Walker for Donyell Marshall

Reasons: Donyell is consistent and underrated. He can shot and board. He is a former high draft pick and no-miss prospect who, well, missed. He can teach the youngsters not to make the mistakes he made when he started with Minnesota and Golden State, namely, smoke a lot of pot and gain 50 pounds. Fortunately, ‘yell turned his career around in Utah to become a remarkably reliable veteran. He’s the type of presence we need.

2005-06 Celtic Roster, C LaFrentz, $10 million Perk, $780,000 Blount, $5.5; PF Jefferson, $1.5, Davis, $13.9; SF Marshall, $7 million, Gomes, $500,000, Reed, $700,000; SG Davis, $5.9 million, Green, $1 million; PG Hinrich, $2.4 million, West, $1 million, Greene, $500,000.

Starters - RL, AJ, DM, RD, KH

Have a great 4th everyone, I’m on vacation next week, and I expect all these moves to done before I get back.

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