Monday, July 04, 2005


Get off my Dickau

If it's true that we're about to sign Dan Dickau with part/all of our MLE, this can only mean that either Marcus/Allen/RickyD are toast. My guess is it's Allen, and they'll have Delonte playing the "you get 25 minutes if you're good 6 if you're bad" game with Doc all season. Marcus will have yet another season to serve as the frustratingly inconsistent backup point guard and CelticsDoom criticism-magnet he is destined to forever be. Tony Allen will be packaged with his crack-baby attention span and Mark Cunt to some kind team with a sense of humor and a slightly less obscene contract to offer.

These are all baseless predictions, but feel free to diseminate them at will. My hope is that we keep TA and shitcan Pierce, but whatever. Also, just to be clear, I like Dickau and I think if we're only giving him half the MLE, this is a pretty good move. Unclear to me, however, if he can be a true floor general with someone like PartyBoy Paul on the floor.

One final observation - if Dickau is indeed on board, how long can it be until we acquire the rights to Ben Dover, Dick Hertz and Mick Hunt? My God, Danny will have Tittyfuck under contract soon...

These are banner days for Celtics(Doom) Nation.

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