Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The Cheapest of Cheap Fucks

Right now there’s a lot of talk around our team and a lot of action around everyone else’s. CelticsBlog claim in their eminently confrontation-adverse prose that “If the C's wait around just long enough (but not too long) they could find a bargain with the rest of their MLE money,” but I say “for what?” What’s left out there that we want that could be lured in for $2 million per? Brian Scalab(u)rine? Oh wait, that’s right…

The most pressing issue now is the fate of Antoine Walker, and his market value suddenly seems to have been obliterated. I’m hope Ainge is of the mind to reclaim that #1 we wasted to get him back in the first place, but frankly, I’m not going to be shedding any tears if he just goes away and we get nothing. For those who still cling to this idea that we should hold onto Antoine for mid-level money until “Al is ready,” please, wake the fuck up.

Antoine Walker is a complete and unmitigated basketball disaster. He is arguably the worst starting player in the NBA, and probably the worst player in the league in terms of disrupting his own team’s offensive flow (much like his fellow Pitino-pal Waltah McFucky). He will never accept a back-up role on this team, and why would we even want him for that?

This team as currently constituted is a cruddy shithole of overpaid veterans (PP, RL, MB) and a bunch of promising young dudes with one potential all-star (AJ). Keeping Antoine in this mix does nothing but clog up our cap situation and take time away from KP, AJ and even Gomes. Seriously, is there anyone here who would rather see Antoine on the court over these guys? For any price? Personally, I wouldn’t take Toine back if he paid us the mid-level. Just imagine how bad he’s going to be in three years.

We’re going to suck next season, that’s a given. We’re rebuilding around young dudes who need the chance to rise and sink to their own level in this league. Adding Toine only makes us commit even more deeply to the mediocrity that has plagued this team since the Pitino era. I’d rather invest my heart and free time to a team that’s slowly moving in the right direction, rather than one that’s content to tread water in the same stagnant pool year after year. Change is good! Fuck Antoine! Tear the house down!

Anyway, here’s some thoughts on today’s major events…

Rahim to the Nets – Whatever. The Nets will live and die with Kidd, and if he goes down during the season, the underachieving triumvirate of Carter/Jefferson/Rahim can be counted on to find many ways to lose. Rahim is a good guy, but not a winner, and Richard Jefferson is the biggest moron in the game. With Kidd in his prime and K-Mart still on board, this team was still never anything more than the best of the worst (in the L-Eastern conference) so I don’t see how this makes them anything more than just respectable (prediction - 5th playoff spot). Plus, remember, the Nets have been crippled by the sudden defection of Brian Scalab-urine…

Swift to the Rockets – I don’t think many saw this one coming, at least not without a sign and trade being involved. Great move by the Rockets, but I guess that’s what can happen when you have a legit superstar like McGrady that people actually want to play with. Funny how “superstar” Paul Pierce has never been able to convince anyone into coming to Boston for less money.

Marshall to the Cavs – Wow, when you think about it, instead of wasting a shitload of money on Michael Redd, the Cavs got their shooter for the mid level and were able to add Larry Hughes to boot. Granted, they overpaid for Hughes, but this team suddenly looks decent again. I’m sure this will make LeBron feel slightly bad when he leaves in two years for the Knicks.

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