Sunday, March 20, 2005


The Taste of Shit

First of all, sorry it’s been so long, but I was really, really busy. I know people probably think I haven’t been writing because this 10 of 11 streak has shut me up and made me see the Celtics light and now I hide in a cave ashamed of my criticisms, begging for forgiveness from the likes of Ainge and Wyc and the nice people at TD Banknorth. Or something like that.

Not quite.

First of all, this winning streak has been amazing, and I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong about the IMMEDIATE impact of the Walker trade. I think many of us underestimated his desire to win, and more importantly, his understanding of the need to retool his game in order to get re-signed. As it stands, there is no chance (zero, zilch, nada) that he doesn’t get at least a four year $40 million deal from the Celtics over the summer, which should serve as a savage example to fans of both “caveat emptor” (buyer beware) and “the emperor has no clothes.”

Ultimately, these toine-driven winning ways and our likely respectable showing in the playoffs also spells a definitive end to the Ainge rebuilding era. Unless we’re in the Finals, I would put money on Danny bolting over the summer. The really funny part of all of this Toine stuff is that as the one move Ainge didn’t want to make, it has been the one that completely changed the league’s opinion of his talents as a GM. Amazing shit. I think history will show that the Ricky trade was one of the greatest steals in NBA history, that the Laker trade was a definitive luxury tax-era hosing (that #1 we get could very well be lottery and we dumped a ton of contract space) and that we got three complete steals in the 2004 draft - but people still called Ainge a moron until he got Toine back.

Of course, the team that’s winning is not the team that Ainge wanted or wants or really has any desire to adopt as his own now that it’s successful. Take my word for it - Ainge still wants to trade Pierce and make this team a true youth driven run and gun outfit. That he can’t do it and now has to swallow a lot more shit and resign a player who he has no personal or professional respect for could very well be enough to make him bolt to Minnesota or wherever there‘s an opening. I think Ainge knows what we all know - that Toine will eventually revert to his old self and that Paul Pierce is not the kind of rallying figure and go-to guy classic championship teams are built around. Unfortunately, this is something that will be a continuous lesson for the next four years.

A couple other things…

Banks - I’ll admit, he’s turned it around, and frankly I’ve got no problem with him being the main backup next year if West starts. His decision making is still poor and he has no creativity as a passer, but he’s toned down the wildness and rebuilt himself as a decent, defensive driven back-up point. This guy will never start for a winning team in this league, but he’s found a decent niche.

Obie - outside of finally getting rid of Waltah, my greatest guilty pleasure of the season has been watching that smug fuck Jim O’Brien getting his just desserts at the hands of many angry Philadelphia fans. All the more reason to love Ricky D…

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