Thursday, March 10, 2005


Paul-Star Effort

``You're playing against a team in Atlanta, a team that you say you should beat. You know, I'd be more worried if we didn't have Antoine or Gary (Payton) or the number of veterans out there. A lot of young guys look at Atlanta and take them light, and then you can get caught sleeping. With veterans, we don't tend to take teams as light when you know what can happen. So I expect us to go out there and get the job done,’’ Paul Pierce.

Two words – Fuck You.

Despite the captain’s cautionary tales of letting your guard down against inferior teams, while at the same time insulting the young 5 with his pretentiousness, “Paul-Stars” AW, PP and GP put in one of the worst 10 minute efforts I have EVER seen in the NBA.

No energy, no running, no passing, no defense. Against a team with a 22-road losing streak, the worst team in the league, a team on the second of back-to-back nights. A good college team would beat Atlanta.

The following players scored 30 FUCKING points in the first quarter:


Two rookies, two journeymen, and only one legit NBA starter. They schooled our vets with hustle, energy and desire. Some will spin this as ‘at least we gutted out a win.’ If you find yourself saying any variation of those words, you are a fool.
Throw in the fact that our “captain” had another childish outburst, and that the young 5 are not playing and you have a disastrous evening.

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