Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Doom Power(less) Ratings

"I think we're one of the top eight teams in the league," Wyc.

Which league? The Eastern Conference? The WNBA?

Silly owner rah, rah comments aside, lets break down the teams ahead, and on par, with the current edition of our beloved, yet flawed, team. Thanks to some of the guys at Celtics-Nation for the various incarnations of this topic.

Been There Done That Title Contenders (3)

San Antonio, Miami, Detroit

I pick just three for this category because SA and Detroit have done it, and Shaq is still the most dominating player in the league. While several other teams have the records and talent to be title contenders, I’m just going with team/player playoff history for this top group.

Wouldn’t Be Surprised If They Made A Run (4)

Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia

Can Phoenix run in the playoffs, when play grinds to a halt? Personally, I am rooting for the Suns, since I love running basketball and I would love to see that mantra disproved. Two legitimate MVP candidates can’t hurt. Dallas has all the firepower, as usual, but can they play tough (getting Van Horn doesn’t help). Interestingly enough, the Mav’s, a team with Stackhouse coming off the bench, most important player during the playoffs may be Dampier. I like how Denver is playing right now under Karl, and I am happy K-Mart is in the West. Some of you may jump on me putting Phili here, but give it a week, I’m convinced AI, Webber and Korver will play great together. Would you be surprised if AI got back to the Finals?

Good Records, Good Players, Not Title Contenders (6)

Seattle, Sacramento, Houston, Memphis, Cleveland, Washington

Seattle can shot, can hit the boards, and can pass. But if they are not shooting over 40% from three, they are not getting out of the first round. The Kings just can’t get over the hump despite superior talent. Houston has two studs (legit studs, not PP/AW type studs) with some shooters. If I were more of a McGrady fan, I may have pushed them to the next level, but I’m not, so I won’t. Memphis has an intriguing blend of talent and a great coach, but when your go-to-guy is European, you’re not going too far in the playoffs (see Kings, Dallas the last few seasons). The Commissioner is rooting for Cleveland to make it (the next Jordan in the Finals at the age of 20, can you imagine the ratings!!!). An All-Star Center and an All-Star multi-talented wing, sounds like a certain championship team out west before they jettisoned the wrong player. Washington has scary talent.

By my count, there are 13 teams I find, without question, superior to the Celtics.

Just Good Enough To Make Playoffs, Unlikely To Win A Series (5)

Boston, Indiana, Chicago, Minnesota, Orlando

Two teams that contended for titles last year, the number 1 and 2 teams in the league record wise, now reside in this category – if they even make it into the playoffs. Watch out, though. Both teams still have great players, playoff experience, and the ability to quickly turn things around. If the Pacers get Artest back for the playoffs, they immediately vault into the second category above. Chicago’s 28-15 record since the beginning of December has to impressed even the most ardent Celtic fan. When they make the playoffs, they’re a bunch of kids playing with house money – no pressure. Orlando is starting to fall apart, but Francis, Hill and Howard is a pretty good threesome.

With all the bluster from happy ‘Toine fans, the Celtics are still a three game losing streak away from being in the lottery. Personally, I rate the Celtics anywhere between 14th and 18th in the league right now, which is where I figured they were prior to the mindless Walker deal.

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