Thursday, March 24, 2005


Celtic Pride?

``We came out running our mouths and acted like a low-class team.'' - Rivers

The first few minutes of the game last night were some of the most embarrassing Celtic moments of recent memory. It went downhill from there.

A cocky and overconfident crew trotted out last night like they were the ’95-’96 Bulls. Talking trash to a far inferior Knick team, who proceeded to hand in to the Celtics with inspired play. If the Knicks somehow make the playoffs, they have Ricky Davis and especially Paul Pierce to thank.

Ricky decided to yap from the bench, declaring a 6-2 lead insurmountable. Ricky, I love you, but shut the fuck up. If you’re going to talk shit like that (calling other NBA players garbage), you better make sure you can back it up. When you don’t, you’re just a bitch. Ricky didn’t back it up; neither did any other Celtic (sorry Rdfan).

"They came out talking. You don't want to start a fight. But when someone challenges you,
you have to step up. When we did that, they backed down.” - Crawford

If this were a Championship caliber team, the coach and captain would have eschewed such hysterics after the first T’s. Why get in a pissing match with a team you have OWNED this year? Rather, our captain decides to make a manly stand against the perennially disappointing and generally uninterested Tim Thomas. Thing is, Thomas didn’t back down. Rather than mail it in, Thomas and his teammates took the Celtic talk and shoved it up their collective ass. They hustled. They played D. They hit the boards. They dunk, and dunked, and dunked.

Pierce responded too – like the sulky little Sally he is. He whined on the floor, he whined from the bench. His head was on his tiff with Thomas, not the game, and his showing was the worst in years. This is the guy who will lead us to playoff glory?

``What's too cocky? You're supposed to be that way if you're one of the best teams in the
league.'' - Pierce

You would think that after such a humbling experience that our captain would be, well, humble. No. This dickhead reiterates his disjointed views on the values of cockiness. Hey Pierce, if you can stop repeating to yourself that you’re an All-Star for a minute, listen – cockiness is only valuable when you have the wherewithal to keep your head and back it up. You don’t.

"You can't do what GP (Gary Payton) does. He's the only one who can back it up. They're a
bunch of frontrunners." - Thomas

There seems to be a way in the NBA to talk shit, back it up and maintain respect from your peers. GP gets it. Jordan, Larry and Shaq get it. Assholes like Kobe, McGrady and Pierce do not.

The Celtics were challenged last night; they failed.

Recognize the second part of Thomas’s quote? K-Mart said the same thing about the AW/PP led C’s as his team dispatched of them twice in the playoffs. They talk shit when up, they disappear when challenged.

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