Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Two Stupid Things

First of all, what the fuck was Kendrick Perkins thinking with that flagrant foul on Desmond Mason? It was a stupid move on every level - from the purely practical sense he should know he isn't exactly firmly ensconced in Doc's lineup, so why the fuck would he jeopardize getting suspended for a couple games and lose his minutes to Googs? In the basketball-IQ sense, why would he needlessly take down one of the least intimidating front court players in the NBA during a game that was already lost? I mean, it wasn't like he was taking on Shaq or a psycho like Lee Nailon - Desmond Mason is a professional artist for God's sake.

It seems to me that Kendrick and his malleable little brain have been over stimulated by praise from Pierce and Doc about his "toughness" and he now equates stupid aggression with useful energy. All he has to do is rebound and keep the big guys from the rim - this half-assed "I'm suddenly an enforcer" bullshit is stupid. It's disappointing because KP has been one of the best stories during this sorry Celtics season.

Secondly, I like Jeff over at Celticsblog a lot and I don't want to take a shot at his friend Hagrid, but I couldn't believe the following statement he (Hagrid) wrote about the reasons behind the Milwaukee loss.

"Add the fact that a popular Celtic player, with the longest tenure on the team, was just traded out of town and seeing this let down coming could have been done by Ray Charles (god rest his soul). The C's are generally a tight knit group and even though they've gotten better with accepting that there's a business side of basketball decisions, saying goodby to a friend is still never easy and always draining, to some degree."

What exactly is any of this based on? I mean, we make the occasional assumption here at CelticsDoom, but it's usually just to be funny, and it’s never that great of a leap.
First of all, a "tight knit group"? Please, these Celtics are utterly dysfunctional. Need proof? Watch the bench. Not enough? Then give me proof they're "tight knit," because you don't know any more about the psychological makeup of this team than we do.

"Even though they've gotten better with accepting there's a business side of basketball"???
WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Dude, Waltah has been begging for a trade and making people miserable with his constant complaining about not getting enough time. Also, he's not exactly a key part of this team, and "losing a friend" isn't really the same thing in professional basketball when millions of dollars are on the line and your constantly competing for a role and playing time. Let me tell you who wasn't "drain(ed)" to say goodby (sic) to Waltah - Googs, Kendrick Perkins, Al Jefferson, Justin Reed and everyone who had to listen to him bitch this season about how miserable he was. Waltah is a dead horse from an era most Celtics fans and players would like to forget, and no one outside of stupid Mark Blount and lonely Jiri Welsch give a fuck that he's gone.

Anyway, we (or at least I) love Celticsblog and don't like to diss them, but I just thought that was a bit ridiculous. Also, I have been entrusted by God to destroy any and all gooey sentiment about my nemesis Waltah in this glorious post-McCarty era. Sorry Hagrid, you're a good man and I am not, and my hatred for Waltah is greater than my admiration for CelticsBlog. Please don’t take it personally.

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