Thursday, February 24, 2005


a real bad time for sanity to take a holiday

I’m just completely stunned. Sick to my stomach. This deal makes no sense from any kind of basketball, fiscal or “looking to the future” standpoint. The Herald is reporting that we included a #1 in the deal. So, basically, we traded our only point guard and a #1 pick for a guy who will take minutes away from our two most promising players (AJ and TA).

I truly think Ainge may be retarded. Or those new fanboy owners who don’t know squat about basketball forced his hand because they thought 1000 more people will now put their sweaty old #8 jerseys on and come and watch this shitty team as it sinks into oblivion. Consider this - a lineup of PP/AW/MB/MB/RD. That we included a #1 to make this happen is like having someone piss in your mouth after kicking you in the balls.

The stakes aren’t as high, but this puppy dwarfs the Baker trade in terms of complete stupidity. Every GM is laughing their ass off right now, because Danny Ainge has succeeded in trading Antoine Walker for Raef LaFrentz and Antoine Walker. What a godawful move. This is the opposite of the McCarty trade. We are so fucked it’s not even worth doing this blog anymore. CelticsDoom does not need to be in print – it is the reality that you will now see everyday.

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