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The (not-so) great AW experiment has resulted in two big wins for our beloved team, vaulting them atop the Atlantic Division 2 full games in front of a superior 76er’s team. During those two games, Walker has averaged an impressive 28.5 points, 11.5 boards and 4 assists. Two big wins against Western conference teams with a slimed down and controlled AW playing great; perhaps we are wrong here at CelticsDoom. I spent the weekend thinking about my dire predictions resulting from last week’s trade; maybe I’m just a bit too negative. I mean, he does pass the ball well. He does run. He does hit the boards when he’s not camped out at the three-point line. Looks like Danny knows what he is doing.

That is what I would sound like if I regularly spoke to the Celtic owners like Bill ‘sell-out’ Simmons. It’s a load of shit, folks.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from writing about an up-and-down team like the 2005 Boston Celtics is not to react too strongly after a handful of games. When you do, you look like a pre-menstrual woman like that Hackrid over at Celtsblog. One day they are terrible, one day THE C’s ARE BACK, the next day they’re done. Here at CelticsDoom, we’ve been remarkably consistent in our assessment of this mediocre team. The AW trade does nothing to change this short-term assessment, and in my estimation, dramatically alters our more rosy long-term assessments.

From the volumes of articles/opinions expressed by those in favor of bringing our pudgy former captain back, I glean four major points on how AW can help the team. Interest, Swagger, Rebounding & Passing.


The return of Antoine has certainly created more interest in a city still consumed by their Champion baseball team, and to a lesser extent Champion(s) football team. The C’s dominated crappy Boston sports talk radio as well as the pages of our venerable papers. The trade sparked segments on Sportscenter, and even NESN (who sometimes needs reminding that there exists a professional basketball team in Boston). I’m sure the house will be full during this next extended home series, putting needed fannies in the rapidly fanny-less green and gold seats. Great, huh. No.

Generating interest is the WORST possible reason to make a trade (saving money in the short term only to eat it in the long is a close second). It means that you are making decisions for non-basketball reasons, which I am certain why this trade happened.

If interest was the owner’s first objective, they should have just signed Rodman, or, better yet, they should have pulled the trigger on the Allen deal. Having the former UConn hero back in New England would have, at the very least, generated some interest in basketball crazed Connecticut, where currently only two people watch the C’s (the Dr. and myself). Disclaimer – I attended UConn during the Allen years and consider him my favorite player, and, while not gay, I would have sex with him if asked.


How does someone so fat have so much energy? Many argue that AW possesses a ton of energy complimented by a healthy swagger - a swagger surely lacking by this particular team. Just like the interest argument, on the surface it makes sense. However, in the long run, it’s a disaster.

Sure, the team was going nowhere this season, which is a destination they still have tickets to. So. I’d argue let the team limp to the finish with the young guys playing significant minutes and the expiring contracts, well; actually expire. As it stands, we may miss the playoffs anyway with the young post players garnering no more experience, and without an additional first round draft pick.

Back to swagger. AW swagger is not good swagger. It is born out of a sense of entitlement, and it manifests itself in arguing with refs, posturing after good plays and ridiculous quotes about playing in green next year. This is a guy who taught PP that no shot he took was a bad shot. Was confidence a problem without AW, yes. But is the type of confidence AW instills the kind we want – FUCK NO. The way you build confidence in young players is only through improved play and experience. If there comes a day when TA bellyaches to the refs while his man screeches down the wing for a lay-up, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I will cry that day (along with the day that AJ knocks up his first groupie).

Rebounding & Passing

For the sake of brevity, I’ll combine these two arguments because they are actual skills that AW possesses. The C’s pre-trade were a horrendous rebounding and passing team. Antoine is a very skilled passer with soft hands around the rim. Can he help the team in the short-term in these two areas – absolutely. Will he help the team in these two areas – maybe. The fact that AW is an above-average passer and rebounder enrages me even more when I see him beyond the three-point line, which is where we saw him the most the last time he wiggled on the parquet in green.

If Antoine ever embraced his true skills and became a 12/10/8 mid-level salary glue guy, I would have no argument. But he will never be that guy. Look, he is on his very best behavior the last two games, and HE’S TAKEN 50 FUCKING SHOTS.

Bottom Line – 9 and 1

Those are the average minutes played by the future starting power forward and the future reserve center the last two games.

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