Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Celtics vs. Clippers (W 94-89)

Great comeback against a Clippers team who seem to define the phrase “gutless losers with no heart.” For the life of me I can’t understand why that team isn’t better - Brand and Maggette alone should win you some games, but I guess when you have Rick Brunson playing significant minutes, things are not well.

So anyway, the first half was a complete nightmare - no rebounding, no interior defense and an absolute refusal to run on offense. Thankfully Tony Allen woke up Pierce and co. during the 3rd quarter, and the team actually started playing defense as the Clippers imploded in the same way the Celtics often do when trying to hold onto a big lead. Some huge 3’s from Raef, a decent game from Mark “is it weird that I’m wearing another man’s headband” Blount, and an all-star-ish effort from Pierce (1 assist from a triple double).

The biggest development of the night, however, was a performance from Delonte West that fairly screamed “play him Doc, you idiot." While Doc screamed at Marcus on the bench for some kind of undoubtedly half-imagined offense, Delonte stepped in and played the point exactly the opposite of Mr. Banks’ reckless, out of the flow shit - Delonte was steady and efficient. He wasn’t perfect and was definitely shaky, which probably can be attributed to his justified fear that anything other than a stellar performance was going to result in a few DNP-CD’s, but he made a couple great passes, played solid defense and the starters seemed comfortable with him running the show. Maybe Marcus can get some tips about his farewell letter from Waltah. My advice, hire me as your ghost writer.

Anyway, early on Tommy made some bizarre comments about the difference between being “molested” or “contested” when driving to the basket. You could literally hear the sound of Gorman gritting his teeth as Tommy tried to spin out of that tailspin. “Turn into the skid Tommy!” I yelled at the TV, half expecting him to respond.

Player of the Game - Tony Allen was the difference in the third, but maybe we should give it to Rick Brunson for being yet another Celtic I used to hate and am real fucking glad he's not on our team anymore. Yup, Ricky B, another genius Pitino/Wallace pick-up back in the dark days. But no, we'll give it to Tony - he went from embarassingly ineffective and out of control in the first quarter to basically single-handedly bringing the team back from 20 down to a single digit deficit by time he was yanked for Ricky. Great work TA.

Worst Celtic of the Game - Marcus, because he sucked, but also because I may not have many more opportunities to give him this award. I wish I taped the game so I could watch Doc screaming at him again after he got yanked in the 2nd. Bye bye dickhead.

Quote of the Night - “Tom Gugliotta resides in Phoenix during the off season” - a shockingly pointless comment from Mike Gorman designed to kill some awkward silence while Googs shot free throws and Heinsohn took a pause to wet his whistle. Googs has been in the league like 37 years and that’s the best you can come up with? How about, “at this point in his career, it’s impossible to distinguish whether the crowd is chanting his name or just simply booing.” God, I need to work on TV. What do you think, T?

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