Wednesday, January 12, 2005


What a DICK!

Paul Pierce has officially made the leap. No, not the one predicted by many – the leap to superstardom (he was so close).

Paul Pierce just officially made the leap from disgruntled basketball player to egotistical “star” whose game does not match his attitude and whose persona now represents all that is wrong with the modern athlete.

``An All-Star gets sat down?”

Are you fucking kidding me? Hey dick, put aside the fact that, as team captain, such words and actions are inexcusable. Lets look at your self-evaluation – YOU ARE NOT CLOSE TO BEING AN ALL-STAR (see below).

Boston. We hold our players up to high standards. We booed the greatest hitter ever. Recently, we booed arguably the most dominant pitcher in the history of our team, and perhaps the history of the game. We reacted with general indifference when the most popular professional athlete in a generation was traded. We tried to ruin the life of a hard-working first baseman after a ball went through his legs when the game was already tied.

Not one of these guys has shown the disrespect Paul Pierce has recently shown. Now, he MUST be shown the door.

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