Tuesday, January 18, 2005



Heard on one of NESN’s deplorable segments on the C’s this weekend, Antoine Walker answering an idiotic question about the possibility of rejoining the team he became a ‘veteran All-Star’ on, and how he would fit in:

“It depends on who we give up,” said employee number 8. We.

The man who gets an assist on fucking up Pierce’s head is already talking like he’s back in green. Then he adds this beauty:

“Anytime you put Paul and I on the same court, it’s dangerous.”

Dangerous for what, the rims? The only way a Walker trade works for the future of this organization is if it is for Pierce, and than the three-point loving power forward can go sign a veteran minimum somewhere else next year clearing cap and rotation room for Danny and Doc.
My thought on Ricky’s outburst and apology – let’s hope he didn’t learn Pierce’s art of saying the right thing while privately seething. Hey, you knew I’d find some way to rip Pierce.

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