Friday, January 14, 2005


Part 2, of, well, until he goes

Paul Pierce is going through a learning process with a new team and coach; give him time.

Without hyperbole, this may be the most asinine sentiment currently sold by the various defend-Pierce nitwits.

A player has to LEARN to hustle back on D. A player has to LEARN not to bellyache after every drive to the basket. A player has to LEARN that he can’t dribble through the entire opposing team.

This requires not a learning process, but a shift in attitude. The only thing Pierce had to learn was what his new coach expected from him. It’s been very clear from the start of the season what Doc wants in Pierce – play team ball. Stop the isolation, stop hucking up ill-advised shots after one pass, push the ball after a defensive stop, run on offence and on defense, pass the fucking ball.

Do you really think Paul Pierce, 27-year-old former All-Star, coached by Roy Williams, needs to LEARN the fundamentals of basketball?

He knows the right way to play; he needs to relearn what he already knows. He needs to forget the crap fed to him by OB, Walker and everyone else who has inflated his head over the years. The only way he can do that is to drop the deplorable attitude this jerk has carried over the last two and one half years.
Hopefully he can, and hopefully it will be with another team.

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