Thursday, January 13, 2005


Ka-Boom - Celtics vs Raptors 1/12/05

My God, what a disaster. The Celtics played with absolutely no cohesion on the offensive or defensive end and had an energy level so low that I think they must have all been jerking off in the locker room before the game. Unfortunately an oddly timed "Pierce can-actually-shoot-again" night was wasted, but he was also a big part of the blame when it came to the lack of ball movement. Lots and lots of one-on-one bullshit from Pierce, Davis and Banks.

Big Al was out of sync, but it’s great to see that a guy six months out of high school can have an off night without being a train wreck. Kendrick Perkins looked terrific in limited minutes - active and full of energy, making good things happen. I stand by my long-ago assessment that he’ll never be a starter in this league, but he’s got the makings of a GREAT role player. He deserves more than the 5 minutes he was given tonight.

Tony Allen must have made some kind of defensive rotation error, because his minutes were slashed. Doc in his press conference said he didn't have energy. Doc says a lot of things these days...

Mo Peterson’s career night was duly awarded with the first Tommy Award for an opposing player in over two years (I forgot who the last one was… probably Sam Cassell). Tommy gets a Chestnutt Point for giving credit where credit’s due.

Doc played useless Walter McCarty an inexplicable 20 minutes IN A ROW (!!!), so he gets a large share of the blame for the loss. Come on Doc, play the goddamn rookies. We are not winning anything with Waltah playing significant minutes.

Doom Player of the Game - Chris Bosh, 26/11. Peterson had the monster night, but Bosh sealed the deal by getting to the line in the fourth quarter.

Worst Celtic of the Game - Marcus Banks. 2 for 9, and lots of selfish, out of control play. Like the 2nd unit now? Just wait until Delonte West comes back and starts getting everyone involved and we don't have to watch this clueless dope play anymore. Until then, bring back Dirk Minniefield!

Quote of the Night - "This is getting atrocious!" - Tommy Heinsohn

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