Monday, January 17, 2005


Celtics vs. Hawks - 1/14/05

Sorry for the lateness of this recap...

A must win and we came out strong, but a pretty tedious game to sit through. These Hawks should be put in a time capsule so future generations can understand how disjointed and unwatchable organized human sport can be when left in the hands of the lowest bidder. Al Harrington, I mean my God, what happened? Nonetheless, our heroes did a decent job and should be commended for sticking to Doc’s "Win at home or die" mantra and not letting down against these hapless jerks.

Paul had a great game on the boards, and outside of another on-court brush up with Jiri, did everything he had to do to keep me from bitching about him for a few days. Proving conclusively that Celtic players are reading CelticsDoom and obeying our every word, Buckets went for 30 (after I exhorted him to go for 50) and Waltah had five fouls in ten minutes (answering my charge that he protects himself from fouling out like some kind of me-first asshole).

A boring game, really, but some classic 3-drink minimum Tommy moments as he laid the praise on Antoine so thick that I swear it must have been some kind of conceptual comedy routine. Some examples: "Antoine can dribble better than 80% of the point guards in the league," "Antoine is made for up-tempo basketball," and "He’s one of the best offensive rebounders in years." The same kinds of people who think the X-Files is real will probably think that he’s setting us up for an Antoine Part II trade, but I think the man is simply sentimental and what’s wrong with that.

Player of the Game: Pierce or Ricky, Pierce or Ricky?… Alright, Pierce, just because we give him so much shit. He rebounded like a man, made some great drives, and played pretty much mistake free basketball in the fourth. More of this and PO will be forced to change his name… maybe TonyAllenOverrated?

Worst Celtic of the Game: Marcus Banks - had the strange distinction of doing absolutely nothing right in the first half, then padding his assist numbers late in the game just to piss me off. Hurry up Delonte.

Quote of the Night: "That’s a hot song," Willie Maye to Gavin DeGraw, the halftime entertainment and post game concert performer who is best known as "that guy on VH1 whose album I'll never buy." Waltah performed with him on-stage, apparently, which gives rise to several mean comments, none of which I will make here.

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