Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Celtics vs Bulls 1/19/05

A quality win against a tough team, thankfully continuing the success of Doc’s “win at home” mantra. Pierce played so well that it makes reading my last post depressing - he hit key shots in the fourth quarter for the first time in what feels like forever, and pulled down 11 boards as our starting front line floundered yet again. Too bad very soon he’s going to be traded for next to nothing.

The story of the game however, was Al Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins. Our non-lottery 20 year olds came into the game and made Mark Blount look like an overpaid clown who would probably fuck up the job of passing out the Gatorade. Al had his offensive game ON, and Kendrick had 7 rebounds and 3 blocks in what seemed like forty seconds (15 minutes, actually). That hateful dick Tyson Chandler was outplayed by our big guys, and they pretty much owned the game when they were on the court together. Granted, this might only be physically possible when playing against a young team like the Bulls, but it makes you truly wonder what Doc is thinking when he keeps Perk off the floor.

stupid stat - 15 minutes into the game all 12 Celtics had already gotten on the floor. While this would be nice if it showed how deep the Celtics are, it’s actually a frustrating example of Doc’s inane substitution patterns. Waltah and Googs each got in the game before Perk. Thankfully that idiot McCarty committed two quick fouls and did not return. Throw his bobble head doll at him for me if you happen to be at the next game.

Also, I hope he doesn’t get in trouble, but Tommy once again proved the 3 drink minimum theory with a hugely weird reference to Hitler and fascism while talking about Kurt Heinrich. The uncomfortable feeling I had for poor Mike Gorman during those terrible 20 seconds is something I don’t want to feel again in this or any context.

Player of the Game: Pierce probably deserves it with his best game of the year, but we have no choice but to give it to Al Jefferson. 17 points 10 rebounds in 29 minutes of unstoppable yet completely controlled play. Fuck you Chad Ford!

Worst Celtic of the Game: Mark Blount - the man is stealing money. Not only did he fail to score or rebound in 22 minutes of play, he committed three turnovers, including a potentially key traveling violation in the last three minutes of the game. Congratulations Mark. Go back to barbequing in Miami and bitching about how the Celtics aren’t showing you loyalty, you dick.

Quote of the Night: “I feel much better than before” - Manute Bol. In a moment that seemed little more than a set-up for the epic abuse of the English language, Willie Maye conducted a surprisingly coherent interview with former University of Bridgeport iconn and current Dr. Chestnutt neighbor, Manute Bol. Probably the most noble soul to ever play in the league, it’s good to see our man Manute out of the hospital and doing well.

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