Monday, January 10, 2005


Celtics Doom - the beginning

Welcome to CelticsDoom, the official blog for disgruntled Boston Celtics fans of the Ainge-era. The blog is run by exiled poster PierceOverrated and will include contributions by disgraced physician/tropical fish expert/Celtics fan Dr. A. Chestnutt, MD.

For those who are curious, the Dr. and PierceOverrated first met and forged this blog partnership when PO was banished from the Celticsblog site and the Dr. discovered that he was unable to post because he and PO shared a common IP address. The Dr. performed an extensive search of his medical facility and discovered that the surly exile PierceOverrated was employed by the Hospital in a mid-level bureaucratic capacity. The two engaged in an lengthy, spirited conversation regarding the Dr.'s anger at being "fucked over" by PO's angry posts. Threats were exchanged, but eventually common ground discovered when both spat to the floor at the mere mention of the name "Marcus Banks."

Both of these longtime fans agreed that the time has come for a no-holds barred autopsy of the death of the Celtics dream, 2004-2005. In that spirit, be assured that this blog will not shy from heavy-duty criticism and second guessing. The Celtics are derailed and broken, and we are not in the mood to eat shit and call it candy. CelticsDoom is here. Join us for the funeral.

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