Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Celtics at Bobcats (W 97-92)

After suffering through a horrific opening two minutes that was McCarty-ian in its ineptness, Paul Pierce recovered to lead the C’s to a 97-92 nail-biter over the expansion Bobcats. “Big fucking deal," one might say, “we beat an expansion franchise coached by the most unintelligible man in sport - Bernie Bickerstaff." But those cynics would miss the huge bright positive of this otherwise underwhelming victory - Doc actually got his head out of his ass and coached a decent game. “Impossible!” you say? Here’s the proof.

1) Walter McCarty DNP - I felt like handing out cigars or something. Coming on the heels of Doc’s comments in the paper about some guys having to get cut out of the rotation, this seems like a harbinger of my Walter-free dreams coming true.

2) A rational 10 man rotation - Blount goes out, Al comes in. Raef goes out, Perk comes in. None of this going small bullshit, no fear of having two big men on the floor at the same time, and no rec-league “everybody must play” crap. Unfortunately, Delonte was cut out too, but Marcus is bound to fuck up soon and we should have DW back leading the 2nd unit before the trading deadline.

So, although ending a road losing streak against the Bobcats is arguably the NBA equivalent of sleeping with the director in order to get cast in a porno movie, it‘s the game management stuff that should make us cautiously optimistic.

Player of the Game - Paul Pierce. PO is going to say I’m front-running, but Pierce has been solid in 05 and right now I wouldn’t trade him. Interestingly enough, it always seems that Paul’s monster games are either in losses or close wins against bad teams, but I’m too lazy to look it all up and make sense of it. An important side note to this award - Big Al deserves as much credit for winning the game with two big offensive rebounds and that completely sick shot against Okafor in the 4th..

Worst Celtic of the Game - tough call, no one really pissed me off tonight, but I guess it goes to Marcus Banks simply for existing and bumping Delonte out of the point guard rotation. See Marcus, you can’t ever win with me. Read the RealGM boards if you want fairness, you dick.

Quote of the Night - “..” - Danny Ainge. Yes, I am naming the absolute nothing Ainge said during his eight minute broadcasting stint as the quote of the night. Dozen(s) of viewers throughout New England sat dumbfounded as Ainge provided the most sullen, uninterested and completely distracted commentary ever provided during an NBA broadcast. It was as if he decided to become the exact opposite of charismatic and insightful. ie: Hey guess what, he thinks Perk and Tony Allen are playing well. He thinks Doc is doing a good job. He’s really proud of the veterans adjusting to playing with the young guys... For those who missed it, TiVo baby!

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